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Can you make Your Dog Smile At You?

Can you make Your Dog Smile At You?

We see so many cute dogs smiling in photos all over social media however, can your dog actually smile?

The answer is yes! The idea of making your dog smile at you is a popular one. Training your dog to smile takes a lot of patience and, of course, many treats and interactions to achieve this. If you want to know the secret to make your dog smile, it’s all about being playful and interactive. Please pay attention to what makes him feel the most content.

Amanda Robles took the following video in 2016. She taught her rescue dog named Herbert how to smile on command when he was only a 5 month old puppy.

What Causes Dogs To Smile?

Untitled design 11Dogs have a variety of facial expressions that they use to communicate with humans. They use their facial muscles to smile. A panting dog will appear to be smiling as it is relaxed and content. When a dog is happy and excited, its eyes will be wide open, and its ears will be up.

When your dog has a broad grin on his face, whether during snack time or a belly scratch, it appears that your dog is smiling. They’re in a car, enjoying the sensation and smell of the breeze leads many people to believe that their dog is smiling.


Do Dogs Have The Ability To Smile?

Untitled design 9For many years, animal behaviourists believed that animals did not smile because they were happy but rather performed a muscle response. The majority of respondents also believed that dogs did not grin to communicate their emotions. That belief, on the other hand, has been called into question.

New research suggests that some animals may be smiling to show emotion in the same way we perceive smiling to be done by people. As a result, when we question whether or not a dog’s smile is genuine, we must shift our perspective slightly.

Untitled design 12 2Suppose you’re watching a movie and one of the characters says something funny. You’ll almost certainly smile or laugh. Don’t expect the same level of behaviour from your pet. Your dog isn’t grinning because it has come across something amusing. Instead, dogs are smiling because they are calm and relaxed. It’s reasonable to assume that your pet is content.


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