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The Lemon Blast Ball Python Ultimate Guide – 5 Things to Know

The Lemon Blast Ball Python

The Lemon Blast Ball Python is a lively and healthy species, which is known to be free of ticks. Despite its active lifestyle, the snake is not immune to common health problems such as respiratory diseases, dermatitis, and stomatitis.

The signs of these diseases include vomiting, abnormal faeces, and white deposits in the mouth. The most serious of these problems is stomatitis, which can be life-threatening.

Breeding a lemon blast ball python

If you are thinking about breeding a lemon blast ball python, you may be wondering about the cost involved. Initially, you will spend around $350 for the pet and the necessary accessories.

These include heating pads, a thermometer, hiding boxes, and substrate. Because these snakes are prone to escape, they need an enclosure that is properly ventilated and large enough to accommodate the snake’s active lifestyle.

Lemon Blast Ball Pythons are designer morphs that are the result of breeding pinstripe and pastel varieties. They have green eyes and solid white underbellies.

Whether you want a snake with bright red or pastel, they will appreciate the privacy. To breed a lemon blast ball python, make sure to purchase a large tank with plenty of space.

Although Champagne Ball Pythons do not have patternless colouring, they have a co-dominant gene. The offspring of this morph will be orange or tan with dark freckles and blotches.

Champagne Ball Pythons
Champagne Ball Pythons

These snakes are common and can cost up to $200, although you should avoid getting the cheapest one. The Champagne Ball Python is another morph that can be purchased for around $100.


Care of a lemon blast ball python

The lemon blast ball python is a designer morph of the pinstripe and pastel ball python. These reptiles have green eyes and solid white underbellies.

They need very little care, with the exception of feeding them once a week. They should also have a large tank that provides a lot of space. They prefer to be held for 20 minutes at a time, to build a strong bond between the owner and the snake.

The Pinstripe Ball Python morph was recognized in 2001. It is named for the long stripe it displays along its back. Breeders prize this morph because of its ability to dramatically alter patterning in its offspring.

Lemon Blast is a morph of the Pinstripe Ball Python with a rich caramel to the copper base colour and narrow, skinnier striping perpendicular to the back stripe.

Although this snake is generally nocturnal, it can become irritable and destructive if it is not kept indoors during the day. To avoid this, you must avoid handling it, keep the humidity levels optimal, and make sure not to remove its eye caps.

If you suspect it has a health problem, seek veterinary care. Lemon blast ball pythons are not expensive pets. You can buy a lemon blast ball python from a pet store or breeder for as little as $50 or more.


What to expect when buying a lemon blast ball python

If you are considering buying a lemon blast ball Python, you must be aware of its high cost. This reptile can cost as much as $350 at first. You need to factor in the initial cost of the pet, as well as the expenses for accessories like hiding boxes, thermometers, and heating pads.

It is important to choose an enclosure that is well ventilated and doesn’t overwhelm the animal. Lemon blast balls can be very hard to tame, so you should be prepared to put in a lot of effort to keep them contained and in a safe environment.

A lemon blast ball python requires regular cleaning. It needs to be cleaned at least twice a week and needs 5% bleach for its enclosure. It should be placed in light for twelve hours so it does not become overly dark.


Lemon Blast Ball Python Diet 

When it comes to food, you should avoid feeding live mice because they might bite and scratch you if you are not careful. Frozen mice are safe and easier to store for long periods. The only time the lemon blast ball python won’t eat is during shedding.


How Much does Lemon Blast Ball Python Cost?

The cost of a lemon blast ball python varies, but they are typically not expensive. If you are looking for a reptile that will keep you company for years, a lemon blast ball python might be the right choice.

Depending on the breed, they may cost as little as $50 to $200. But they’re worth every penny. The initial cost of a lemon blast ball python is reasonable at about $200. Buying one from a breeder or pet store is a great investment, but there are some things to consider.


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