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How to Build a Bath Tub Worm Farm – Step by Step



How to Build a Bath Tub Worm Farm - Step by Step

How to Build a BathTub Worm Farm


Worm farming is a great way to get your garden growing without any extra work. All you need is a bath tub and some food for the worms to eat.

The worm farm will create its own compost, which you can use in your garden later on.

If you want to get started with worm farming, this guide will help you build a simple bathtub worm farm.

In it, you’ll learn how to choose the right food, set up the farm, and collect eggs for breeding. So, start growing your own food today with worm farming!

For the purpose of this do-it-yourself demonstration, we obtained all of the necessary components for our bathtub worm farm from our garden shed, Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace.

Bath Tub Worm Farm

You truly can create a worm farm container out of nearly anything; all you need to do is exercise some creativity with the materials you already have and follow the same basic steps.

The following items make up our building supplies, which came to a total cost of just $79:

  • Get a bathtub for sale on Facebook Marketplace for $40.
  • Chicken wire (free from shed)
  • Drainage rocks ($8 20kg package from Bunnings)
  • Screening material (free from shed)
  • Hay or shredded paper (obtained for free from the chook pen or purchased from a nearby café)
  • Compost, dirt, and manure (purchased for two dollars at a roadside compost bin and manure pile).
  • 2 hessian bags (each may be purchased on Gumtree for $4).
  • Worms (available from Gumtree at a price of $25 for 1000 worms).
  • Door (free from FB Marketplace) (free from FB Marketplace)
  • Chairs that can be used as a platform (free from shed)


The Bathtub Worm Farm BUILD

The basic idea is that you want to provide adequate drainage, protection from weather and predators, and a generally weatherproof environment for your worms.

To begin, we used some of the old chairs that were stored in the shed to elevate our bathtub.

We could have constructed a platform for the bathtub out of an old pallet, which would have resulted in a much more attractive appearance; nevertheless, we decided to make do with what we already have.

  • To begin, place some chicken wire over the plug hole and any drainage holes that may be present.
  • Drainage rocks should be used to cover the bottom layer of the bathtub.
  • In order to prevent worms from falling into the rocks or down the drain hole, cover the rocks with a sheet of shade cloth or something else of a similar nature.
  • On top of the shade cloth, use the shredded paper to create a warm and inviting bed for your worms.
  • Add your own happy worms after each layer of compost, soil, or manure that you add.
  • The worm tea is collected in a bucket that is placed just underneath the drainage hole.


Bathtub Worm Farm MAINTENANCE

You should carefully use a watering can to hydrate your worms.

Your worm farm ought to have a consistent level of moisture comparable to that of a wrung-out sponge, but there shouldn’t be so much water that the worms are submerged in it.

In order to maintain a constant temperature, we followed up by protecting the soil by covering it with hessian sacks that had previously contained coffee beans.

We covered the entire bath with an interior door that we got for free on Facebook so that we could keep the chickens and possums out.


What to Feed Your Worms

Worm farming is a great way to recycle food scraps and turn them into organic compost. It’s simple to set up and can be done in just a few steps.

First, collect kitchen scraps – food mill waste, bones, and plant leaves – and add them to the worm bin along with a little water.

Let the bin ferment for two weeks, and after that, you’re ready to start feeding your worms. To do this, add your worms to the bin and give them food scraps twice a day.

Make sure to compost food scraps properly so that they don’t end up in the environment. Once your worms are fed and composting is taking place in the worm bin, you’ll start to see compost pile up.

You can use this compost in your garden or landscaping project. So, what are you waiting for? Start worm farming today!



We feed our worms:

  • most fruit and vegetable food scraps
  • tea leaves
  • egg shells
  • newspaper
  • coffee grounds
  • pet hair.

We do not feed them:

  • dairy
  • pet poo
  • citrus
  • meat
  • onion
  • chilli & garlic.


Before beginning to feed your worms, you should give them a few days to get settled in.

Our worms get food scraps that have been blended up in order to make them easier for them to digest. Because worms do not have teeth, you will see that they are able to ingest a significantly greater quantity of food if you grind up their meal for them.

During the first several weeks, you will have a better idea of how much food your worms are able to consume.

You don’t want the food to go bad before they get a chance to eat it because this will draw in other animals and will generate greenhouse gases, both of which we want to stay away from!

I only feed them on one side of the bathtub because it is so big. They only use one side. Castings will start to accumulate on one side of the bathtub over the course of some time.

When you are prepared to collect your castings, begin feeding the worms that are located at the opposite end of the bathtub. They will move downward, giving you the opportunity to harvest the casting from the opposite end of the room.

Castings from worms are an excellent medium for cultivating seedlings or for incorporating into food gardens.

Before it can be applied to plants as a liquid fertilizer, the worm tea needs to be diluted with water first.

There is a great deal of variation in the suggested dilution ratios; you should conduct some study on the internet to assist you in determining what works best for you.





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How to Help Your Cats Stop Vomiting



How to Help Your Cats Stop Vomiting

How to Help Your Cats Stop Vomiting


Cats are beloved companions; nothing can be more distressing than seeing them vomit.

Vomiting is a common issue in cats, but it can be a sign of a serious underlying health condition. If your cat is vomiting, taking the necessary steps to help them stop and address any underlying issues is important.


Understanding the Causes of Cat Vomiting

Before attempting to treat your cat’s vomiting, it’s important to understand the causes.

Cats may vomit for various reasons, including dietary indiscretion, stress, viral infections, parasites, hairballs, or even due to certain medications they have been prescribed.

Help Your Cats Stop Vomiting

Considering all possible causes and ruling out serious complications before attempting treatment is important.


Assessing Your Cat’s Health

If your cat is vomiting frequently or exhibiting other concerning symptoms such as lethargy or lack of appetite, it’s important to consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

A vet can assess your cat’s health and determine whether further tests or treatments are necessary. The vet may also recommend dietary changes or supplements that can help reduce the likelihood of recurring vomiting episodes.


Making Dietary Changes to Help Reduce Vomiting

Feeding Your Cat Easily Digestible Food..

One way to reduce the frequency of vomiting episodes is by feeding your cat easily digestible food.

Avoid giving your cat high-fat foods or those containing artificial preservatives or fillers. Instead, opt for high-quality wet food with real ingredients and plenty of water for hydration.

You may also want to try feeding smaller meals throughout the day instead of one large one – this can help reduce stomach upset and make it easier for your cat’s body to digest its food properly.


Ensuring Adequate Hydration

When felines experience desiccation, they are more prone to having intestinal concerns like regurgitating.

Therefore, guarantee your cat is admitted to a lot of new water throughout the day and offers wet nourishment if conceivable – this will help guarantee they stay hydrated and sound.

You may likewise need to chat with your vet about adding electrolyte enhancements or probiotics into their eating regimen, which can help renew lost electrolytes and upgrade gut well-being.


Creating a Stress-Free Environment

Stress can be a major contributor to vomiting in cats. For example, if your cat is feeling anxious due to changes in their environment or routines, then this could be causing them discomfort, which leads to vomiting episodes.

To reduce stress levels in your home, you should ensure plenty of hiding places for your cat (such as beds, boxes, etc.) and provide them with enough interactive toys and activities throughout the day so they don’t get bored easily.

Additionally, try not to make any major changes too quickly – introduce new items slowly so your cat has time to adjust accordingly without feeling overwhelmed or anxious.


Reducing Hairball Formation

Hairballs are another common cause of vomiting in cats. When swallowed, hair accumulates in the digestive tract, leading to nausea and eventually vomiting episodes as the body tries to expel the hairballs from its system naturally.

To cut down the peril, you should groom your cats habitually (at least once a hebdomad) using a brush premeditated expressly for cats – this will assist in eliminating free fur from their coat before it has an opportunity to accumulate in their bellies with the lapse of time.

Moreover, it would be judicious to consider incorporating omega-3 fatty acids into their diet, aiding their digestive system and making it easier for hairballs (or other irrelevant objects) to go through without occurrence.


Implementing Treatment Strategies For Vomiting Episodes


Treating With Medication

In some cases, medication may be necessary for treating recurring vomiting episodes.

If this is the case, you should talk with your vet about what medications to alleviate cat symptoms (such as antiemetic drugs).

However, you should never give medication without consulting with a professional first as some drugs may have adverse effects on cats depending on their age/health status/etc., so it’s always best practice to get approval from an expert beforehand just in case!


Treating With Natural Remedies

If you prefer not to use medications, natural remedies can be used, such as adding ginger root into meals (which helps settle an upset stomach) or giving small amounts of plain yogurt (which contains probiotics that promote digestive health).

There are also herbal supplements on the market specifically designed for treating gastrointestinal issues in cats, which may be worth looking into if other methods don’t seem effective enough!



Vomiting can be distressing for both cats and their owners alike, but by understanding its causes and implementing proper treatment strategies, you can help reduce its frequency significantly!

First, consult with a veterinarian before attempting any treatments so they can assess your cat’s health appropriately – once approved. Then, you can start utilizing dietary changes/supplements/etc. to ensure you and your feline friend stay happy & healthy together!



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Shark Attack Video in Egypt Shuts Down 46-Mile Coastal Stretch



Shark Attack Video in Egypt Shuts Down 46-Mile Coastal Stretch


Egypt Shuts Down 46-Mile Coastal Stretch as Tragic Shark Attack Shocks Nation


In an unprecedented move following a shocking shark attack incident, Egypt’s renowned coastline, spanning an impressive 46 miles, has been declared off-bounds.

The incident, which resulted in the tragic death of a man due to a vicious encounter with a 10-foot tiger shark in the Red Sea, has spurred immediate action from local authorities.

Shark Attack in Egypt Shuts Down beach

Hurghada authorities, the administrative body overseeing the region, have confirmed that the beaches along the coast will be barred for all activities, including swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports until further notice.

Shark Attack Video in Egypt

This suspension, aimed at thorough investigation and implementation of safety measures, is an uncommon occurrence in a country where shark attacks are seldom reported.

The victim of this chilling encounter was a 23-year-old permanent resident of Egypt, Vladimir Popov. Russian media sources were among the first to report the devastating incident.

A distressing video documenting the attack depicted the harrowing scene of Vladimir suddenly being pulled under the water, battling the shark amidst desperate cries for help.

Tragically, onlookers included Vladimir’s father, Yury Popov, who witnessed the traumatic incident unfold. “We went to the beach to relax,” Yury lamented to the 112 media outlet, recounting the horrifying incident where his son was dragged underwater in a matter of seconds.

In the wake of this unfortunate event, the Russian Consul-General, Viktor Voropayev, confirmed the news of the Russian national’s demise to the state-owned TASS news agency. “The victim was not a tourist, but a permanent resident of Egypt,” Voropayev clarified.

This traumatic event not only caused an indelible scar on the bereaved family but also left onlookers and locals in a state of shock.

Witnesses at the scene said the victim's girlfriend Anastasia (pictured right) had been in the water at the time of the attack while his helpless father watched from the shore

Witnesses at the scene said the victim’s girlfriend Anastasia (pictured right) had been in the water at the time of the attack while his helpless father watched from the shore

The horrifying reality of the incident was encapsulated by one of the witnesses who confessed to Russian station REN-TV,

“I immediately felt that it was a shark. I immediately jumped up and started shouting: ‘Sharks, sharks! Save yourself!’ Nobody understood yet.”

In the face of such tragedy, the Egyptian authorities are taking stringent measures to ensure the safety of their residents and visitors.

Their prompt response aims at maintaining Egypt’s reputation as a safe and welcoming destination for millions of tourists flocking to its beautiful coastal resorts each year.





Facts Check.

Рleаse let us knоw yоur thоughts in the соmments seсtiоn. Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.



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Which Movies To Watch On Christmas For Animal Lovers



Which Movies To Watch On Christmas For Animal Lovers



In the Christmas season, you should also come to rest. Everyone needs a break from How could that go better than with a good movie and an animal companion by your side?

Every year – Christmas is just around the corner! What better way to get in the mood for the reflective season than with beautiful Christmas movies?




1. Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella

Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella is a real cult movie and is simply part of Christmas for many families. Cinderella lives with her stepmother and stepsisters and is treated like a maid. One day she receives a branch with three hazelnuts from the coachman, which are supposed to grant her three wishes. Will she manage to sneak them into the prince’s ball and win his heart? Always by her side: Her horse Nicholas and her dog Kasperle!

Released from 0 years

Duration: 82 minutes



2. Christmas in the Wilderness

A Christmas movie with a difference: after her husband unexpectedly leaves her, Kate Conrad travels to Africa alone and quickly finds herself on an adventure: together with a pilot, she rescues an orphaned baby elephant and nurses it back to health in an elephant reserve over Christmas…. Did you know? The film is set in a real elephant orphanage in Zambia!

Released from 12 years

Duration: 85 minutes


3. Charlie and the Reindeer

A Christmas movie for the whole family: the boy Charlie Holton moves to a small town with his mother and older brother. He hasn’t made any friends yet, but that changes abruptly when he discovers a young, neglected reindeer just before Christmas. Firmly believing that it can only be Santa’s reindeer, Charlie takes care of the lonely animal until Christmas.

Released from 6 years

Duration: 90 minutes



4. A gift from Bob

A Christmas story with the stray: “A Gift from Bob” is the sequel to the popular film “Bob the Stray”. In the film, animal control threatens James, a street musician, to take away his cat Bob. James is desperate. But his friends have a plan. Because it’s not just about James and Bob, it’s Christmas after all! And it’s supposed to be the best Christmas the friends have ever had. The film is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Released from 0 years

Duration: 103 minutes



5. Every year again – Christmas with the Coopers

A Christmas comedy from a dog’s perspective: Like every year, the whole Cooper family comes together at Christmas to celebrate a contemplative Christmas. In order not to dampen the festive joy, the family members convulsively try to hide their worries and problems – which ultimately makes for a richly chaotic celebration. The exciting part: The story is told from the perspective of the family dog!

Released from 0 years

Duration: 107 minutes



6. The Grinch

The Grinch, a strange creature with green fur, hates Christmas!

Together with his faithful dog Max, he does everything in his power to spoil Christmas for the inhabitants of the small village of Whoville and steals all the Christmas presents. But with the help of a little girl, even the Grinch eventually learns to love the deeper meaning of Christmas.

Released from 6 years

Duration: 101 minutes


7. A Dog Saves Christmas

A dog as a Christmas present: ex-police dog Zeus finds a new family shortly before Christmas. And there he immediately shows what he’s made of. When his new family leaves to visit his grandparents, burglars try to get into the house. But they haven’t reckoned with Zeus. A funny Christmas comedy for the whole family! If you like this one, there are five more movies with Zeus the ex-police dog waiting for you.

Released from 0 years

Duration: 88 minutes

8. An animal gift

A Christmas romance with a golden retriever as the title character: After the death of her husband, the young lawyer Jessica spends Christmas with her parents. However, they plan to sell their childhood home and move to the sun. Jessica does everything she can to reverse the house purchase, and in the process meets the buyer, Michael. Michael’s golden retriever dog has a big surprise in store for the two of them.

Released from 0 years

Duration: 89 minutes

9. Niko – A reindeer takes off

A great animated film for Christmas time: reindeer boy Niko dreams of being allowed to pull Santa’s sleigh. But his attempts to fly all end in crash landings. By chance, Niko and his friend Julius (a flying squirrel) find out that a pack of wolves is planning to raid Santa’s land. Immediately, Niko and Julius set off on an adventurous journey north to warn Santa of the impending danger.

Released from 0 years

Duration: 79 minutes






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