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Which Movies To Watch On Christmas For Animal Lovers



In the Christmas season, you should also come to rest. Everyone needs a break from How could that go better than with a good movie and an animal companion by your side?

Every year – Christmas is just around the corner! What better way to get in the mood for the reflective season than with beautiful Christmas movies?




1. Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella

Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella is a real cult movie and is simply part of Christmas for many families. Cinderella lives with her stepmother and stepsisters and is treated like a maid. One day she receives a branch with three hazelnuts from the coachman, which are supposed to grant her three wishes. Will she manage to sneak them into the prince’s ball and win his heart? Always by her side: Her horse Nicholas and her dog Kasperle!

Released from 0 years

Duration: 82 minutes



2. Christmas in the Wilderness

A Christmas movie with a difference: after her husband unexpectedly leaves her, Kate Conrad travels to Africa alone and quickly finds herself on an adventure: together with a pilot, she rescues an orphaned baby elephant and nurses it back to health in an elephant reserve over Christmas…. Did you know? The film is set in a real elephant orphanage in Zambia!

Released from 12 years

Duration: 85 minutes


3. Charlie and the Reindeer

A Christmas movie for the whole family: the boy Charlie Holton moves to a small town with his mother and older brother. He hasn’t made any friends yet, but that changes abruptly when he discovers a young, neglected reindeer just before Christmas. Firmly believing that it can only be Santa’s reindeer, Charlie takes care of the lonely animal until Christmas.

Released from 6 years

Duration: 90 minutes



4. A gift from Bob

A Christmas story with the stray: “A Gift from Bob” is the sequel to the popular film “Bob the Stray”. In the film, animal control threatens James, a street musician, to take away his cat Bob. James is desperate. But his friends have a plan. Because it’s not just about James and Bob, it’s Christmas after all! And it’s supposed to be the best Christmas the friends have ever had. The film is available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Released from 0 years

Duration: 103 minutes



5. Every year again – Christmas with the Coopers

A Christmas comedy from a dog’s perspective: Like every year, the whole Cooper family comes together at Christmas to celebrate a contemplative Christmas. In order not to dampen the festive joy, the family members convulsively try to hide their worries and problems – which ultimately makes for a richly chaotic celebration. The exciting part: The story is told from the perspective of the family dog!

Released from 0 years

Duration: 107 minutes



6. The Grinch

The Grinch, a strange creature with green fur, hates Christmas!

Together with his faithful dog Max, he does everything in his power to spoil Christmas for the inhabitants of the small village of Whoville and steals all the Christmas presents. But with the help of a little girl, even the Grinch eventually learns to love the deeper meaning of Christmas.

Released from 6 years

Duration: 101 minutes


7. A Dog Saves Christmas

A dog as a Christmas present: ex-police dog Zeus finds a new family shortly before Christmas. And there he immediately shows what he’s made of. When his new family leaves to visit his grandparents, burglars try to get into the house. But they haven’t reckoned with Zeus. A funny Christmas comedy for the whole family! If you like this one, there are five more movies with Zeus the ex-police dog waiting for you.

Released from 0 years

Duration: 88 minutes

8. An animal gift

A Christmas romance with a golden retriever as the title character: After the death of her husband, the young lawyer Jessica spends Christmas with her parents. However, they plan to sell their childhood home and move to the sun. Jessica does everything she can to reverse the house purchase, and in the process meets the buyer, Michael. Michael’s golden retriever dog has a big surprise in store for the two of them.

Released from 0 years

Duration: 89 minutes

9. Niko – A reindeer takes off

A great animated film for Christmas time: reindeer boy Niko dreams of being allowed to pull Santa’s sleigh. But his attempts to fly all end in crash landings. By chance, Niko and his friend Julius (a flying squirrel) find out that a pack of wolves is planning to raid Santa’s land. Immediately, Niko and Julius set off on an adventurous journey north to warn Santa of the impending danger.

Released from 0 years

Duration: 79 minutes






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