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Can Monkeys and Apes eat human food? – 5 things to know

Can Monkeys and Apes eat human food?

The question of whether apes and monkeys can eat human food is a controversial one.

Some say that monkeys are natural-born predators and will always be able to hunt down their prey.

Others say that the apes are not like this and have learned to use tools, which would make them more likely to use tools for food.

There is no clear answer on whether or not these animals can eat human food, but it is safe to say that they are capable of doing so in some cases.

This article explores the many health benefits of apes and monkeys eating human food.

The Health Benefits of Apes and Monkeys Eating Human Food

The health benefits of apes and monkeys eating human food include improved immune system, increased brain power, increased lifespan and a reduction in the risk of heart disease.

Apes and monkeys are not just eating human food because they are bored. They are doing so to help themselves. They know that if they eat more like us, we will be less likely to harm them by capturing them for research or killing them for their meat.

Can Apes and Monkeys eat human food?

Apes and monkeys are omnivores, meaning they can eat plants and animals. It is generally understood by most animal experts that they can eat food that humans eat, but some critics say it’s not a good idea because they might not be adapted to eating certain foods.

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What are the health benefits of apes and monkeys eating human food

The study of the health benefits of apes and monkeys eating human food is a recent one. However, it has shown some positive results.

One of the most significant findings was that in chimpanzees, there was an increase in the number of bacteria that are associated with obesity and diabetes. This is thought to be due to a change in diet and lifestyle changes.

The study also found that gorillas had lower levels of cholesterol after they started eating more fruit than meat.

Monkeys and Apes Can Eat Human Food, But Here’s What They Should and Shouldn’t Eat

The monkeys are quite clever when it comes to food. They are able to understand that some foods are good for them and some foods are not. When they want to get a taste of something new, they will try to find out whether or not it is good for them.

Monkeys should eat fruits like bananas and oranges because they contain lots of vitamin C which helps in the absorption of iron from their diet.

It also helps in the prevention of anemia. The bananas have a higher potassium content which is beneficial for their kidneys while the oranges have a high fiber content which prevents constipation.

Can Monkeys and Apes Eat Human Food in Captivity?

Monkeys and apes are not usually seen as the best thing to eat, but they can actually eat some human food. However, they shouldn’t be eating any human food that is not meant for them.

Monkeys and apes are omnivores and can eat both plant-based and animal-based foods. They have a long history of hunting for their food in the wild and eating prey like birds, fish, snakes, lizards, rodents, and insects.

Some monkeys even hunt in packs to catch their prey such as small antelopes or pythons.

In captivity, a monkey should only be given animal-based food that it is able to digest safely.

Monkey Foods to Avoid

Monkeys are omnivores, and they eat a wide variety of food. They are known to eat fruit, flowers, insects, and even eggs.

Monkeys are not picky eaters.

They will eat anything from fruits, vegetables, and cereal to bugs and even dirt.

However, humans have invented some things that monkeys cannot eat like bread and cheese. So why not try to feed your monkey some of the human food they can’t digest?

It is said that humans are the only beings who can eat anything and be healthy. Monkeys, on the other hand, cannot eat anything except for what they find in the wild.

Monkeys are social animals and they like to eat with their friends.

Some people believe that giving monkeys human food is not good for them. However, it is a myth.

We should not think of these human foods as monkey foods to avoid because they are more nutritious than monkey foods.

Apes Eating Food They Aren’t Supposed To

Ape-eating human food is a recent phenomenon in the world of animal conservation. Some humans have been so desperate for food that they feed their pets human food. Others are just hungry and don’t know what else to do.

Humans have been feeding their pets human food since the early days of domestication, but it’s only recently that we’ve seen such a large-scale feeding frenzy.

There is no way to predict how long this trend will last, but it is likely to be a very short time before it dies down and people start feeding their pets proper pet foods again.

The problem with this trend, though, is that animals may not be able to digest these new foods properly and there are also concerns about whether or not these animals are being fed enough nutrition, protein and calories from the human food they consume.

Monkeys & Apes Eating Human Foods in the Wild

In the wild, monkeys and apes are known to eat people food. They have been seen eating bread, candy, and even human faeces.

The reasons for this behaviour is not entirely clear but there are some theories that suggest that these monkeys and apes might be trying to imitate their human counterparts.

Conclusion: Can Apes and monkeys eat human food?


In conclusion, the answer is no. There are many myths surrounding monkeys and apes eating human food but there is no evidence to support them.

Apes and monkeys are not meant to eat human food because they have different digestive systems, which is why they cannot digest it.

Individuals Asked Questions

What foods are beneficial to monkeys?

The majority of monkeys love to eat nuts, fruits, seeds, and flowers. Additionally, certain monkeys consume meat in the form of bird eggs, small reptiles, insects, and spiders.

Is it possible for monkeys to eat pizza?

Yes, they are permitted to consume those foods. However, those foods are equally harmful to them as they are to us. Can apes and monkeys consume human/man-made foods such as pizza and cookies? In a word, yes!

Are chimps capable of eating human food?

Chimpanzees are omnivores, meaning they consume both plants and animals. Although chimps do not receive human delights such as pizza and ice cream, they may enjoy sugar-free popsicles or natural fruit snacks.

Do monkeys enjoy sweets candy?

Certain monkeys lack the ability to taste sugar and have no predilection for sweet meals. This absence of a sweet tooth could be an evolutionary adaption to a diet primarily composed of leaves.

Are monkeys interested in eating bananas?

Bananas are a treat for monkeys. A 1936 study even fed monkeys fruits, vegetables, nuts, and bread to determine which foods they would choose to consume more of.

Bananas were placed second only to grapes, while nuts and bread were ranked last. “Yes, of course, monkeys and apes are not stupid, and once exposed to them, they like eating them,” Milton explained.

Do monkeys like to eat peanuts?

The majority of monkeys are omnivores, which means they will eat almost everything. Included in this are nuts. Indeed, many animals will consume nuts including monkeys, if given the opportunity, as they are a very nutritious, high-energy diet.

Do monkeys consume vegetables?

It’s a known fact that the majority of monkeys in the wild are omnivores, which means they consume both vegetation and meat. And all monkeys consume roughly the same foods. While their diets may vary slightly depending on their habitat, all monkeys consume fruits, leaves, seeds, nuts, flowers, vegetables, and insects.

Are monkeys capable of eating biscuits?

According to a recent study conducted by Asmita Sengupta and her colleagues at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), human activity has lowered monkeys’ fruit intake (which they obtain from trees) by half. Tourists frequently give the animals biscuits, bread, and other delectables. 

What kind of food do Monkeys consume for breakfast?

On most days, the monkeys enjoy something exciting, such as Carnation Instant Breakfast delivered with toast or pop tarts.

Are monkeys capable of eating cake?

Dr. Amy Plowman, Head of Conservation and Advocacy at Paignton Zoo, explains that feeding bananas to monkeys are similar to feeding them cake or chocolate. “It may also create gastrointestinal difficulties, as their stomachs are mostly accustomed to fibrous meals with a low digestion.”

Are monkeys more receptive to cooked meat?

To investigate whether great apes prefer raw or cooked diets, we conducted preference studies using a variety of plant and animal foods. We discovered that several captive ape populations prefer cooked food, with notable outliers.

Do monkeys have a taste for chocolate?

No, chocolate is harmful to monkeys, as it is to a wide variety of other species.

Are monkeys fans of ice cream?

They casually can lick an ice-cream… however, ice cream is not a suitable diet for a monkey.


Are monkeys chicken eaters?

Indeed, they do. They will consume insects, grubs, and everything else they can get their paws on, including baby birds, eggs, and other small creatures that will not flee or that they can trap. Monkeys and apes are opportunistic eaters who will consume meat if it is accessible.

Are monkeys almond eaters?

The majority of monkeys feed on nuts, organic foods, seeds, and blooms. Similarly, some monkeys consume meat in the form of bird eggs, small reptiles, creepy crawlies, and bugs. Whatever nut a human consumes, monkeys consume as well.

Are monkeys capable of eating raw meat?

The majority of apes are omnivores or herbivores. Even for chimps, who consume meat on a pretty frequent basis, meat accounts for a relatively minor amount of their diet, and they consume it fresh.

While raw meat is digestible, raw meat has fewer nutrients than cooked meat.

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