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Where Dogs Originated From? Find out today!

Where Dogs Originated From?


It’s not known where dogs originated in Europe, although the genetic evidence supports the Middle East and eastern Asia.

The Middle East and Africa were home to the extinct wolf and may have been the origins of some dogs. European and South/Central American dogs are part of a final group. But how do we know what their origins were? How can we tell which group is right for us?


What can we learn from the data?

One of the best ways to answer this question is to study the earliest evidence of wolves. Wolves first appeared in human camps, where they scavenged for leftover food.

Some of these animals even traveled with nomadic humans. It’s not yet clear what triggered the domestication of dogs, but it’s likely the result of natural selection. This explains why many breeds look the way they do, according to University of Alberta archaeologist Bob Losey.


Origin of dogs in Central Asia

The origin of dogs remains a matter of debate, with a consensus emerging on the likely region of domestication. Several archeologists consider Central Asia as a probable domestication site, but this region is poorly represented in genetic studies of dog origins.

Genetic data suggest that dogs were domesticated somewhere else, or separately in Central Asia.

In either case, the European dog population has undergone a significant turnover over the past 15,000 years. This has rendered the genetic signatures of early European populations unreliable.

Another theory suggests that dogs originated in Southeast Asia, and the Middle East may be the origin of modern-day breeds.

From there, they spread to Africa and Europe and even the Middle East. And they are now found in more countries than ever. They are truly incredible animals and are worth celebrating. So, take a look at where dogs originated from.

You may be surprised! When you get to meet these fascinating dogs, you’ll be amazed at how diverse they are.

A new study used genome sequences from a worldwide collection of dogs to test this theory. The researchers found that the domestic dog originated in southern East Asia, and that the majority of dogs were indigenous to this region.

Interestingly, southern East Asia dogs have the most genetic diversity, and they are closest to wolves. This indicates that they had an ancient origin, about 33 thousand years ago. That’s a much more likely scenario than some scientists had imagined.

The ancient origins of domestic dogs may correspond with the global expansion of wolves. Although wolves display no genetic substructure, ancient dog-wolf splits may have been the first step in domestication.

In this case, the ecological niche of southern East Asia provided an optimal refuge for both dogs and humans.

The genetic evidence suggests that the ancient split was due to the domestication of wolves by humans. However, the exact origin remains uncertain.




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