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Starting and Succeeding in Your Vet Career

Starting and Succeeding in Your Vet Career

A veterinarian is a higher or secondary education specialist who takes care of animals.

The profession of a veterinarian has long been an honorary one. Individuals who knew how to cure cattle of diseases enjoyed great honour in ancient times because lives often depended on them. Animals were expensive and often valued more than humans.

What qualities should a veterinarian have?

The main quality is love for animals. You won’t be able to become a veterinarian without it. Also, you must be responsible, determined, have a quick reaction, have an excellent memory, and have logical thinking. Veterinarians often need to be able to listen and empathize with pet owners.

How to get into this profession?

You can study to be a doctor at a university. There you will get a good knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of various animals. And then, after practising in the clinic, you will be able to improve in any direction, in dentistry, surgery, traumatology, ophthalmology, etc.

The profession of a veterinarian is in demand, and it is obvious. In big cities, it is difficult for animals to avoid disease.

Not always high-quality food, and not always do the owners know exactly how to keep a particular animal. Various infections and colds all affect the health of pets.

Self-medication here is just as unacceptable as in people, and only a doctor can give treatment recommendations. So, a profession is in demand where there are many pets.

Places of work

In addition to veterinary clinics, veterinarians are in demand in zoos, national parks, nature reserves and similar institutions.

A good specialist with foreign language knowledge and a travel lover can look for work in other countries where nature conservation and animals are given great attention.

Veterinarians can work at agricultural enterprises for breeding animals, birds and fish. According to world organizations, there are more and more such enterprises because the world’s population is constantly increasing, creating a greater demand for livestock products.

Vets also can work from home, providing useful information to the pet owners; there are many veterinary work from home jobs on the Internet.

Pros of profession

  • A wide circle of acquaintances, gratitude from both animals and their owners.
  • Flexible work schedule (for private veterinarians).
  • High income if you develop your client base and open your own business.
  • Stability (the profession will always be needed until the animals become extinct).

Cons of profession

  • Potential for injury.
  • High chance of catching an infectious disease.
  • Stress and nervous tension.
  • Often irregular working hours and night trips.
  • Almost complete lack of career growth.

Veterinarians are required in a wide range of specialized businesses and institutions. These are primarily veterinary clinics.

You can start a career and gain experience in a state veterinary clinic; over time, a highly qualified veterinarian with enough funds and opportunities can move to private practice.


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