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Start Your Own Pet Parenting Company

Start Your Own Pet Parenting Company


The subject of “pet parenting” is an exploding business sector in 2023. Owners of pets prefer the title and it indicates the level of commitment and emotional connection individuals have for their pets.

These characteristics are evidenced in the amount of specialty pet items sold to pet parents. Just as a parent of a child, pet parents want to accrue every item possible to train, play, and protect their pets.

In this article, we’ll explore the parameters of starting your own pet parenting company. 


Establish your Mission and Objectives 

Behind every company owner is the mission that drives their efforts. What is the “why” behind starting your pet parenting company?

Is it that you love your animals and want others to benefit from your expertise? Or, do you want to bring the latest products to pet parents for more effective parenting overall?

Determine the mission of your company, write it out and keep it. Also, consider the objectives you have for the company: what will be the purpose of your company and how will your products or services conform to the purpose? Write out your objectives and keep them. 


Begin Building Your Pet Parenting Company…Block by Block. 

There are a number of areas where you’ll need to take action in order to start a pet parenting company. Here are some foundational blocks to consider:

  1. Form your pet parenting company name. 
  2. Register your company with the Internal Revenue Service. 
  3. Open a business bank account. 
  4. Get a business credit card. 
  5. Secure a location for a store and administrative location. 
  6. Set up shelving and counters for products. 
  7. Create marketing materials for all promotions. 
  8. Examine and begin ordering items to sell and promote. 
  9. Stock inventory as it arrives. 
  10. Arrange the launch of your company. 


Before you decide this is too much work that will take too much time, you should know each of these blocks can be built independently and positioned together when ready. Use this business plan outline to place each block into position.

When you look at this list in that fashion, it doesn’t look so intimidating, right? Take this one step at a time and you’ll soon be halfway through the process and planning stages.


Invest in the Inventory that Meets Your Target Market

Seriously, what is it with pet parents these days? They buy every toy, every product guaranteed to stop chewing, biting, licking and scratching and every kind of leash known to man.

Pet parents agonize over the bedding and bed for their pets and they are determined to use only the best grooming services available.

With this in mind, you’ll want to carefully choose products or services offered in your store location. This will take research into the most popular and effective products, along with consideration of the trends potentially ahead. Stock your inventory accordingly. 


Create the Marketing Strategies that Speak to Pet Parents

Just like parents of children, pet parents have all the concerns and cares for their pets. You’ll want to craft every marketing message to meet those concerns and cares.

Market products and services in informative, humorous (pet humor), and preventive or curative ways. Pet parents are concerned and protective of their pets; craft your marketing messages around those themes.

You will want to offer unique strategies that no other company offers. For example, maybe the pets will offer the marketing messages while the pet parents play. Turn the tables on traditional thinking and, to reach pet parents, make the message fun, yet meaningful. 


Maintain Your Determination 

Over 5 million new businesses were started in 2022 and many of them didn’t make it into 2023. The process of setting up a new company can be tiring and the initial excitement can fade as you complete one form after another to conform to government regulations.

Remind yourself of the “Why” behind your desire to start a pet parenting company and the importance to you to finish the process.

Set a launch date and stick to it. Be as prepared as possible for changes that will surely come along the way; but maintain your determination throughout the process of creating your pet parenting company. We wish you every success! 



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