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10 Best Reasons to Get a Former Working Dog

10 Best Reasons to Get a Former Working Dog


There are many reasons to get a former working dog. Perhaps you are looking for a loyal friend and companion? Maybe you need someone to help with security or protection? Or maybe you just want a furry friend to keep you company?

Whatever your reason, former working dogs make great pets! Here are the best reasons to get a former working dog.

A working dog is a dog that has been bred specifically to do a job. This could be for the police or the military, for an individual’s personal protection needs, or for search and rescue operations.

Working dogs are bred to be obedient and focused, allowing them to perform specific tasks reliably.

There are certain breeds of dogs that are commonly used for working roles such as these. This includes the German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois, and the Labrador Retriever.

So if you’re looking for a dog that is intelligent, highly trainable and hard working – but you’re not ready to get an older dog – then getting one of these breeds could be a good option for you.

Just look for German Shepherd puppies for sale, or whichever breed you’re most interested, to see what young dogs are available.

However, if you think you’d like to get a former working dog, there are some great reasons to go down this route too. Here are some of them.


1. Loyalty

Former working dogs are incredibly loyal to their owners, making them great companions and friends. These furry friends have been trained from an early age to be obedient and focused, so it can be easy for them to bond with their new owners and become loyal companions.

If you’re looking for a dog to become part of the family and love you back, then a former working dog could be a good fit.


2. Protection

Former working dogs have been trained to protect, making them an ideal choice if you are looking for a guard dog. They can be alert and responsive to any potential threats, meaning they can make your home a much safer place to be.

Even though they will have retired so won’t be ‘working’ any more, what they have trained to do has become innate. They make great watchdogs – no one will dare mess with your property when there’s a big, burly former working dog keeping guard!


3. Trainability

Former working dogs have been trained from a young age, so they tend to be very trainable. This means that you can teach them new tricks and commands easily – something which is especially useful if you have young children or other pets at home.

It also makes it easier to transition them into their new home, and can help them to feel comfortable and secure in their new environment.


4. Great With Children

Former working dogs are often very good with children. They have been trained to be obedient and attentive, meaning they can be gentle and caring towards kids.

Depending on their background, they may have been specifically trained to be kind to children if they don’t pose a threat. They also tend to be large in size, making them not just a great companion but also a great protector.


5. Energetic

Former working dogs tend to have lots of energy and love to play fetch and go for walks.

This means that they are ideal for active families. They can also be good running partners as they have been trained to keep up with their handlers, and can make a great addition to any family looking for an active dog.


6. Intelligent

Dogs that have been bred and trained to fulfil a task are intelligent and learn quickly. This makes them a great choice for owners who want to keep their furry friend mentally stimulated.

Furthermore, former working dogs are often very observant and able to pick up on cues quickly, meaning you can trust them to be well behaved in different situations.


7. Adaptability

Former working dogs are very adaptable and can adjust to new environments quickly. They have been trained from a young age, so will be able to pick up on new commands and routines quickly. This makes them a great choice for those who lead busy lifestyles as they are accustomed to being on the go.


8. Companionship

Former working dogs are loyal, loving and affectionate, making them great companions.

They can be a wonderful addition to any family, providing years of unconditional love. They will also look out for their owners and make sure that everyone is safe and happy, making them the perfect four-legged addition to any home.


9. Health

Former working dogs tend to be healthier than non-working breeds as they have been bred for physical and mental strength. They are more prone to exercise and enjoy being active, which helps keep them healthy.

Furthermore, they are often less prone to genetic disorders as their breeding has been carefully controlled.


10. They Deserve A Good Home

Finally, former working dogs deserve to be in a loving home for their retirement. They have spent much of their life dedicated to serving and protecting us, and now it’s our turn to look after them.

Adopting a former working dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience, as you get to provide them with a happy and comfortable home for their twilight years.

In conclusion, getting a former working dog can be an excellent option for those looking for a loyal, intelligent and adaptable companion. They have been trained from a young age to be obedient, making them easy to train, and they tend to be great with children.

They also have lots of energy and love to play. Who wouldn’t love to be around a former working dog?





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