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Complete Guide To Potty Training A Goldendoodle Puppy

Complete Guide To Potty Training A Goldendoodle Puppy


Goldendoodles are affectionate and friendly dogs. These factors have made them popular as family pets. However, no matter what type of dog you take in as a pet, you need to housetrain it properly, and this procedure does take time.

It is the same with Goldendoodles. The process of potty training a Goldendoodle puppy can be frustrating at times due to their small bladders. However, by following a proper routine and with some patience, you can pass this hurdle.


Here is a guide on how to potty train your Goldendoodle puppy effectively.


When To Start Potty Training A Goldendoodle Puppy

Before you even think of how you can potty train your Goldendoodle, you might ask yourself when you need to start it. It’s best to start house training your pup when it’s 12 weeks old. 

However, it could take longer than that as some dogs take more time to develop adequate bladder control. The older your dog gets, the harder it’s to successfully potty train. 


How To Potty Train A Goldendoodle Puppy

Potty training is time-consuming and can be quite frustrating at times. However, you need to be patient until your dog is fully potty trained. Each dog responds differently to potty training, even from the same breed. 

Here is a breakdown of how you can potty train your Goldendoodle puppy to make it a positive experience for both parties.

How To Potty Train A Goldendoodle Puppy

Feeding Schedule And Monitoring

The feeding schedule has a lot to do with how often your Goldendoodle goes to the potty. For young puppies, it’s essential to take them outside to potty soon after having meals.

Older ones can manage for 30 minutes or even an hour before going to the potty after meals.

Monitor your puppy’s water intake and take it outside to urinate, a short while after drinking water. It’s vital that your dog drinks water when it needs to, and that’s why you should monitor the times it does so.

Potty Training A Goldendoodle

Choose A Specific Spot To Go Potty

Designate an area outdoors for your dog to go potty. You can use a leash on your Goldendoodle so that it’s easy to lead him to the designated spot. 

Take your Goldendoodle to only one spot when it shows signs of needing to go potty. Having just a designated area is an effective way to succeed with the potty training process.


Let Them Out Regularly


It might sound annoying, but you need to take your Goldendoodle puppy outside to pee at least every 30 minutes. It would be like this initially because you don’t know exactly when your dog wants to go potty, and you don’t want any accidents.

Goldendoodles have tiny bladders, so you must take them outside frequently to avoid any mishaps.


Give Your Puppy Commands

Get your puppy used to a ‘command’ related to going potty. It could be something like ‘potty’ or ‘hurry up. Once your dog hears this command, it knows that this means it needs to go potty.

This way, you keep reminding it about doing the business, and if your dog wants to do so, it will go outside for this purpose. Remember to use this command only for going to the potty and nothing else. If not, your dog can get confused and take the command wrong.

Enforce Positive Reinforcement

Enforce Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a significant part of potty training your Goldendoodle. Reward your dog when it manages to go potty properly. Food is a treat for any dog, and you can use it to reward your Goldendoodle.

Don’t forget to praise your dog when it manages to do the job correctly. You can use words like ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’ and give it the treatment afterward.

All of this will positively impact your dog, and it will keep in mind to go outside when it needs to go potty.

Expect A Lot Of Mistakes

Any untrained dog will make a lot of mistakes, initially. It takes time for your dog to be fully potty trained. You cannot consider your Goldendoodle fully potty trained unless there are no accidents for at least four consecutive weeks.

It takes longer for older dogs to be fully potty-trained. It is vital to be patient and understand that accidents do happen. Once this occurs, respond and adjust your training accordingly. 

It could be that you’re taking too long to take your dog outside. Identify these factors and try to adjust your potty training schedule.

Clean The Mess

It’s essential to clean the mess properly whenever accidents happen, which will often be at the beginning. Using an enzymatic pet cleaner solution is ideal to properly clean away the mess without leaving any odor.

Once it’s cleaned, your dog will not go to the area to do the business again. It will help your dog remember that it needs to do the job in the designated area.

Direct Your Puppy Away From Problematic Areas

You need to keep your dog away from areas where accidents occur. Use commercial products that are intended to remove urine and fecal odors. 

If a carpeted area has been soaked, merely spraying the cleaner will not be sufficient. You need to saturate the carpet with the cleaning product to remove the odor properly.

If you find your dog often urinating in a specific room, you need to shut it so that your dog cannot access it unless accompanied by a family member.

Interrupt Accidents In Progress 

Although it’s common for accidents to happen, you can avoid them whenever possible. Identify the signs your Goldendoodle shows when needing to do the job. Common signs include walking in circles, whining, and barking.

Once you see any one of these signs, take your dog to the designated area and keep it there for a while until it does the job.


Things To Remember When Potty Training A Goldendoodle Puppy


Keep the following things in mind when potty training your Goldendoodle.

  • Never punish your dog after an accident.
  • Make a sharp noise or say ‘no’ to grab your dog’s attention.
  • Be patient with your dog as it takes time to be fully potty-trained.

Even with all of the above tips in mind, if you still feel overwhelmed with potty training your Goldendoodle puppy, you can opt for a professional dog trainer. 

A professional dog trainer will fix your dog’s behavioral issues, saving you a lot of time and money along the process.

This is affordable and is totally worth it because, at the end of the day, you’ll have a well-trained dog with no behavioral issues. It will all be done with absolutely no effort on your part. 

Guide To Potty Training A Goldendoodle




Potty training a Goldendoodle takes time which means that you need to be patient. Don’t ever be harsh on your dog if it’s making too many mistakes. Follow positive reinforcement by rewarding your dog once it successfully manages to potty in the designated area.

Praise your dog verbally, as all of these will make it follow the correct procedure when needing to go to the potty.

If you follow the above tips correctly, your Goldendoodle will be potty-trained successfully.




Is It Easy To Potty Train A Goldendoodle Puppy?


Goldendoodles are intelligent dogs, so it is not that difficult to potty train them. However, they do have small bladders, making them urinate often. You need to be patient when potty training your Goldendoodle and take it out for frequent potty breaks.


How Long Will It Take To Potty Train A Goldendoodle Puppy?

A Goldendoodle will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to be completed and potty trained. The time period largely differs from one dog to another depending on what age you started to potty train them, their sizes, etc.


How Long Can A Goldendoodle Puppy Hold Its Bladder?

A Goldendoodle puppy won’t be able to hold its bladder for more than 10 to 20 minutes after eating. This time frame will increase once it grows older.





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