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Pet parents are happy, as there is a surge in pet friendly hotels!

Pet parents are happy, as there is a surge in pet friendly hotels!

Americans, indeed, love pets! More than 70% of the population has pets at home. They love to spend time with their furry friend or companions. It gives them a lot of peace.

Undoubtedly pets have become an integral part of their lives, and now many hotels and companies are taking note of this, especially in the hospitality industry.

Hotel brands have become aware that people enjoy bringing their pets when they travel.

There is a surge in pet-friendly accommodations worldwide, especially in America.

Many hotels are going one step further in their efforts to accommodate pets by putting out welcome boards for the furry guest on most of their properties. They provide luxury amenities, too, so that pet parents can enjoy the core.

  • Changes adopted by hotel brands

Many hotels are allowing pets and also making arrangements to welcome them. Some hotels are also providing embassy suites for these pets. It is an excellent step in the hospitality industry, and it is improving with time, as mentioned by the CEO (Founder of TripsWithPets).

Since pet parenting has become a trend after the pandemic, many parents look for pet-friendly accommodations.

Hotels like Romingo are under pressure to adopt pet-friendly policies for furry kids. Americans are eager to travel after things have become routine.

Hence, traveling has increased tremendously. The Pandemic restricted travel, so people want to explore the world with pets after the pandemic.

  • Are pets welcome in hotels?

Before you pack your luggage and head to hotels, make sure you do some research work. Homework is essential when you travel with pets because you should know about specific regulations. Then you select a hotel brand.

You have to note down all the details such as pet fees and breed allowed, type of pet treats, hotel rules and regulations where pets are allowed, and whether they will get separate rooms.

These regulations can vary depending on hotel brands, so you must find out about these details before choosing a hotel brand.

Some hotels might also allow pets, and they charge accordingly. Much also depends on the weight of the pet. Some hotels charge $50 per night for the pet.

Please don’t believe that the entire hotel falls under the bracket where they allow 100% pets, and the entire crew will welcome your furry friend.

Since you know that hotels have different pet rules, it’s essential that you find your specific hotel before you make a booking and whether they can accommodate your pet’s needs. Research is the key here.

  • Specific guidelines for choosing a pet-friendly hotel

Since pet parents have many options available and multiple opportunities to travel with their pets, you may also take them on road trips. However, before you make bookings, you need to find the specific rules so that you can choose your hotel.

  • Fees

Find out whether the hotel you are selecting charges extra for pets. If so, how much do they charge per night, or do they charge per animal if they allow multiple pets? These things are essential, so your budget is not affected while traveling with your pet.

  • Size limit

Some hotels often allow pets depending on weight and measurements. Dimensions of the pet matter, and as such, there are rules related to it, and even the fees vary in some cases, so you need to find specific details before choosing a hotel.

  • Deposits

Some hotels might ask you for an extra deposit that might be refundable if the pet does no damage. Some hotels might even charge a nonrefundable deposit which leads to additional cleaning arrangements for the pet.

All this will affect your budget while traveling with your pet, so you should know precisely how much they charge before making the bookings.

  • Prohibit unattended pets

Many hotels prohibit leaving the pet unattended in the room. In such a case, if you want to go anywhere in the hotel, you must take your pet along. Some hotels prohibit crossing the lobby with pets. They only allow pets in the room, so you cannot roam around with your dog all over the hotel; you can only keep them in your room.

  • Amenities offered

There are dog-friendly properties that provide special luxuries and abilities to pets. In America, it is easy to find a hotel that supplies you with dog facilities such as beds, treats, and even bowls.

It can help you save a lot of space while packing your luggage; otherwise, you will carry all these things. Whether your hotel provides these luxuries or not, you have to find out about this so that you do not have to take this additionally.

  • Potty time

Some hotels also provide fence areas for the dogs to potty. You must know about these details to avoid creating an unnecessary hassle for hotel owners.

  • Find out about hotel furnishings

If you want to avoid unexpected cleaning charges, try choosing hotel rooms that do not have carpets.

If they have carpets, it will create unnecessary cleaning hassles for the hotel. As such, they will charge you extra. Some hotels also prohibit dogs from sitting on the bed, so you must find out about this because they might charge an additional fee if you do not follow the rules.

You can find all the relevant data on the hotel’s website, so you should read it carefully before booking.

You may even call them, ask them about the details, and note everything down.

If you require any specifications, you must let your hotel owner or manager know about them. Book the hotel only if it is comfortable and per your pet’s requirements.

You may also check reviews of other guests while booking a hotel to know whether it is a pet-friendly hotel and whether they provide suitable facilities and amenities to the pet owner.

Choose wisely to relax with your pet! Good hotels have pet-friendly rules so that the parents can stay relaxed. Travel with ease without any unnecessary hassle during your stay in the hotel.


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