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Top 9 Most Popular Birds in the World? - Pets Guide

What Are the Top 9 Most Popular Birds in the World? 


opular Birds in the World?


Birds are classified by family and species. There are around 350 species of birds in the world. Some of these species live only in certain parts of the world, while others are migratory and are adapted for hunting and other uses.

Among these types of birds are the gulls, nightjars, woodpeckers, and toucans. Their beaks are the most distinctive feature, and they are also known as raptors.

The most common types of birds in the world include game birds, such as chickens and turkeys. There are over 250 species of game birds around the world, and many of them are very large.

In addition to game birds, the herons and storks group contains more than 100 different species, and hummingbirds and swifts have more than 400 varieties.

Another important group of birds includes the ostrich, which is the world’s largest bird. Other important types of birds include owls, which are small birds found in forests, mountains, and wetlands.


1. Peafowl


Birds come in a variety of sizes and colors, and all are part of the eco-system. These creatures are classified according to their size, weight, and mannerisms.

The common name “peafowl” refers to three different bird species that belong to the genera Pavo and Afropavo within the tribe Pavonini of the family Phasianidae, which is comprised of the pheasants and their relatives.

Many birds migrate long distances each year. These creatures have strong chest muscles, wings, and are warm-blooded. Some species have crests, while others are merely gray. You might be surprised to learn that some of these birds are nocturnal!

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