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How to Train Cat to Use Automatic Feeder – Pets Guide

How to Train Cat to Use Automatic Feeder


An automatic feeder can be used by cat owners to ensure that their cats eat at the appropriate times. Here’s how to train cat to use automatic feeder.

If you own a cat, you are aware of how challenging they can be to maintain. They don’t always act in the way that we expect them to.

Mealtimes are one of the most urgent issues with cats. Sometimes they simply will not eat on their own schedule and will instead wait for several hours until they are truly hungry.

An automatic machine like the WOpet FT30 Feeder can help with this. There is no need to wait around for your obstinate cat because they permit eating when the feeder is set up. Here are some pointers for teaching your cat to use a feeder on its own.

To keep their cats healthy and content, many cat owners use automatic feeders. But a lot of cats are reluctant to use them.

Particularly if your cat isn’t eating enough, this could be a serious issue. In this article, we’ll show you how to train your cat to use an automatic feeder.


Introduce Your Cats to the Automatic Feeder

Place the gadget in a welcoming location and leave it for a few days to ensure that your cat is accustomed to it. Once your cat is accustomed to the feeder, you can begin feeding him gently initially and progressively increase the amount of feedings until he starts to eat on command.


Fill up the Feeder with Their Favorite Treats

Treats must then be added to the feeder. By doing this, you can teach your cat to use the feeder. Small treats or food pieces can be placed in the feeder.

You can also put some toys inside the feeder to entice your cat to interact with it. This step can be skipped if your cat is accustomed to using the feeder.


Train your Cat to Push the button

The final step in teaching your cat to use an automatic feeder is to teach them to press the button.

You’ll need some cat-friendly treats and a toy, like a kitty ball or a tiny toy mouse. Give your cat a few treats when they are close to the feeder but not touching it.

Put the toy close to the feeder after that, and then watch for your cat to come over.

Once they are sufficiently close, start giving them another snack and activate the feeder’s button.

Give them another treat if they attempt to push it on their own, and keep going until they understand. Till your cat can operate the button on their own, keep going through this process.


The Simplest Method for Teaching your Cat to Use an Automatic Feeder

Start by giving your cat meals at regular intervals during the day.

The simplest way to teach your cat to use a feeder on its own is to do it this way. This will help them establish a sense of routine and time, which will make adjusting to their better beginning with the feeder easier. You should really be capable of feeding your cat 3 times per day after doing this.


How to Train your Cat to Accept the New Feeder

It will take some getting used to if your cat has never encountered an automatic feeder before. Start by removing all tubs and food first from area as one of the initial steps.

The new feeder should then be set down so your cat can inspect it for a while. Leaving food nearby will help them become accustomed to the smell.

Once that’s done, it’s time for the cat used to eating from their new feed—and we don’t mean food!

Put some rewards or treats inside the new feeder to start, and let them eat those. The idea is to teach them that if they enter the feeder, delicious things will come out. When they have mastered this phase, you can start giving them actual food.


Factors to Take into Account When Selecting an Automatic Feeder

Automatic feeders come in a wide variety of styles. Since they all differ in some ways, it’s critical to know what you’re looking for.

For instance, capacity is crucial because you do not want to have to feed your cat too frequently throughout the day.

Some models have a timer that you can program to release a certain amount of food every day at a particular time.

If you don’t have to do it every time, this is really convenient. A voice recorder and image recognition software are additional features.

There are many options to consider when selecting an automatic feeder. However, one of the most crucial features of an automatic feeder is its capacity, or how much food it can hold at once. A good guideline is two cups per meal.

You should purchase the next size up if your cat consumes greater than this amount in a single mealtime. The presence of preset feeding schedules or an adjustable timer should also be taken into account when selecting an automatic feeder.

In case your cat doesn’t finish all of their food at once, make sure the model you pick has just enough space in the bowl compartment.



The process of teaching your cat to operate an automatic feeder can be challenging and time-consuming. But if you follow the instructions and advice provided in this manual, you ought to be able to train your cat to use it in a matter of days.

You should use the advice below to successfully train your cat:

  • Ensure that your cat can access the feeder easily and comfortably by placing it in a suitable area.
  • Start out with a little food.
  • When your cat consumes something from the feeder, refill it.
  • When they do eat, lavish them with adoration and praise.





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