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How To Start A Pet Ants Colony In Your Backyard

How To Start A Pet Ants Colony In Your Backyard


Pet ants are great pets because they don’t bite or sting. They also help keep pests away from your garden. Learn more about them here!

There are several ways to create a pet ant farm. One method involves using a plastic container filled with water and sand.

Another option is to use a large glass jar with holes drilled into its lid. Make sure to place the jar somewhere out of direct sunlight so the ants won’t die.

You can also use ants as pest control. They eat aphids, mites, and other harmful insects. If you live near a forest, you might even see them eating ticks.


Pet ant colonies are an easy way to keep pests away from your garden or yard.

Learn how to start one today!

  • Get rid of unwanted insects by creating a pet ant colony in your backyard.
  • Learn how to create a pet ant colony in less than 5 minutes! 4.


Learn how to make a pet ant colony or an ant farm in under 20

Pet ant colonies are a great way to control pests around your home without using pesticides. They’re also a fun project for kids to learn about nature and science.


You’ll need some supplies before you begin


1. Find a container that will hold at least two gallons of water.

2. Fill the container with water until it’s half full.

3. Add food to the bottom of the container.

4. Place a piece of paper towel in the middle of the container.

5. Put a few drops of dish soap into the center of the paper towel.

6. Cover the dish soap with another piece of paper towel.

7. Put a small rock in the center of the dish soap.

8. Wait 24 hours.

9. Remove the dish soap and paper towels.

10. Pour out the water and replace it with fresh water.

11. Repeat steps 1 through 10 as needed.

12. Keep adding food to the bottom of your container.

13. After a month, remove the dish soap and paper towel.

14. Replace the water every week.

15. Once ants appear, add more food to the bottom of container.

16. Continue to feed the ants until they build a nest.

17. Let them do their thing for a couple weeks.

18. Check the nest daily.

19. If you see ants coming out of the nest, remove them.

20. Leave the ants alone for a while.

21. Feed them again when they return.

22. Repeat steps 19 through 21 until you no longer see ants coming out of your nest.

23. Enjoy your new pet ant colony!



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