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How To Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

How To Boost Your Dog’s Immune System


Getting sick isn’t something anyone wants to see their dog go through, but unfortunately, it occurs sometimes. The average dog has its share of illnesses just like humans do, so a good immune booster would never hurt.

Immunity is one of the most crucial aspects of health, capable of combating disease-causing bacteria and keeping you in good health.

Here are more tips on how to boost your dog’s immune system to keep them healthy!


1. Get Adequate Exercise

Dogs of all ages should be exercising, but exercise is especially beneficial for improving their immune system. Dogs need regular exercise in order to stay healthy and active, which is also important in preventing common illnesses like colds and flu.

Regular walks make it easier for your pup to get the exercise he needs, and they also make for a great opportunity for bonding between you. So grab your leash and go for a walk!


2. Reduce Stress

Like us, our dogs can also be affected by stress, making them more susceptible to illness.

Stress causes bodies to release a hormone called cortisol. In order to help dogs cope with emergency situations, this hormone increases their heart rate and gives them more energy. Cortisol levels that remain high for prolonged periods of time can begin to affect the immune system.

The hormone cortisol suppresses our dogs’ immune systems, making it more difficult for them to fight off infections.

3. Only Feed Top-Quality Food

Diets high in vegetables, fruits, and plant-based protein are likely to be enjoyed by the health-conscious.

You can provide the same benefits if you give your dog nutrient-rich food that is packed with goodness, rather than low-quality food that is filled with cheap filler ingredients such as grains, soy, and corn.

By feeding chicken, beef, and lamb a diet that is rich in high-quality animal proteins, you can ensure the best nutrition for your dog. If you feel your dog is deficient in certain vitamins, you can always think about adding some supplements to their diet.


Benefits Of A Healthy Immune System

There are many reasons to maintain a healthy immune system. It keeps your dog healthy by ensuring he is protected from harmful viruses and bacteria as well as fighting infections.

In addition to helping to prevent cancer, a strong immune system can also help prevent other diseases. We can also recover faster from injuries and illnesses when our immune systems are healthy.

Having a healthy immune system is necessary not just for our beloved pooches, but for everyone!


Final Thoughts

The immune system of dogs is just like ours. Unlike them, we have the option to choose our diets. Our job is to provide our furry friends with the best care possible!

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