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21 facts about The Gila Woodpecker Bird – Pets Guide


Facts about The Gila Woodpecker Bird 


The gila woodpecker is a beautiful bird that has a long and varied history. In this article, you will learn about the top 21 facts about this fascinating bird.

The gila woodpecker is the only bird in North America that has a protrusion on its head called a “crest”. This unusual feature helps the gila woodpecker regulate its body temperature by releasing heat through the crest when it is hot and keeping cool by using it when it’s cold.

The gila woodpecker mainly eats insects, but will also eat small animals such as lizards or fruits if they can get them high up off of tree trunks where the birds are hunting for prey.

Did you know that the gila woodpecker is the only bird that can drill down into a tree trunk?

Learn about the gila woodpecker bird and some of its interesting characteristics in this informative article. Read on to get to know all there is to know about this bird!


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Here are 21 interesting facts about gila woodpecker bird


1. The gila woodpecker is the smallest North American woodpecker, and the third-smallest bird in North America.

2. It can be found in Mexico, the southwestern United States, and parts of Central America.

3. The gila woodpecker is technically a woodpecker, but it mainly eats insects off of trees.

4. It is usually found in groups of two to six individuals and sometimes up to 30.

5. The gila woodpecker has a lifespan of up to 15 years in the wild and up to 20 years in captivity.

6. It is one of the most common bird species killed by humans each year, mostly because it feeds on insects that cause damage to crops or buildings.

7. The male gila woodpecker can be quite noisy when mating, making a “chip-chip” sound with its beak.

8. Interestingly enough, the red dye used to color the head of the gila woodpecker actually comes from another animal – Indian plumage tree ants!

9. The gila woodpecker ranges throughout much of the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico.

10. The gila woodpecker is a bird of the coniferous forests, where it forages for insects in dead trees and other areas close to the ground.

11. The male gila woodpecker has a red head and back, black around its eyes, and a long red tongue that it uses to catch flying insects.

13. The female gila woodpecker is mostly yellow with brownish black wings and tail feathers, and a small red cap on her head.

14. Gila woodpeckers nest in tree cavities or sometimes on cliff faces, making them good candidates for conservation programs due to their limited range and strong population trend over recent decades.

15. The male gila woodpecker has a bright red head and throat, while the female has a duller color scheme.


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16. The gila woodpecker is not migratory and it nests in trees.

17. The gila woodpecker is the size of a robin and it has a longish tail.

18. The gila woodpecker diet consists mainly of insects, but it will also eat other small animals such as spiders and birds’ eggs.

19 The gila woodpecker is a creature of the forest and its habitat has decreased due to deforestation and development.

20. The gila woodpecker is one of the few birds that can live in both cold and hot climates.

21. Did you know that they don’t mate until they have the same territory? Or that they will only use tools when fighting off threats like cats or hawks?




Questions people are asking


What Is The Average Life Span Of a Gila Woodpecker?

According to the Central Park Zoo, a Gila Woodpecker can live up to 30 years in captivity.


How much does the gila woodpecker cost at a bird sanctuary?

The gila woodpecker typically costs $5-$10 at a bird sanctuary.


The life span of a gila woodpecker bird

A gila woodpecker bird can live anywhere from 10 to 15 years in the wild. In captivity, they may live up to 25 years.


Do Gila Woodpeckers mate for life?

There is no definitive answer, but it likely depends on the species. In general, woodpeckers tend to mate for life and care for their young until they reach adulthood.


How much does a gila woodpecker cost?

A gila woodpecker can cost anywhere from $10 to $50.




The gila woodpecker bird has a fascinating story to tell, from the history of its habitat, its mating rituals and even how it fends off predators.

This little robin-like bird is no less than a marvel for experts with all of this information right at their fingertips.

What’s more? Every year, there are new discoveries about the bird that fill in more details about its life story.

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