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Atlanta Aquarium – Everything You Need to Know

Atlanta Aquarium

If you’re thinking of visiting the Georgia Aquarium, you’ve come to the right place. The aquarium has more than two million visitors each year, with people from 143 countries and all 50 U.S. states. This year alone, research and conservation staff have traveled the equivalent of 9.5 times around the world, a distance of more than 238,000 miles.

The aquarium’s life support system filters more than 170,000 gallons of water per minute to maintain the perfect water conditions for the animals.

Atlanta Aquarium


Southern Company River Scout is the only freshwater gallery

The Southern Company River Scout is a fascinating exhibition that explores the diversity of animals and plants that live in rivers.

Its themed environment features logjams, waterfalls, and a simulated meandering North American river. It also teaches people about the importance of maintaining clean waterways and protecting the natural world.

Visitors can see live piranha, as well as learn about the conservation efforts that help preserve the freshwater environment.

The Georgia Aquarium has two different types of galleries, one of which is a pure aquarium. While the first gallery focuses on marine animals, the second features a variety of live exhibits that explore different aquatic themes.

For example, the Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest showcases the life of harbor seals and Beluga whales. Another gallery explores the wildlife of Georgia.

The Tropical Diver exhibit is the most kid-friendly and is home to the largest living coral reef in the U.S.

Aquanaut Adventure: A Discovery Zone

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Georgia Aquarium is home to thousands of marine animals and hundreds of species. There are seven major galleries with 11 million US gallons of water to explore. If you’re looking for an excellent family trip, this is the place to go.

Thousands of people visit the Aquarium every year, and the new Aquanaut Adventure exhibit is sure to amaze you.

Featuring a variety of interactive experiences, the Aquanaut Adventure is sure to pique your interest.

In the “Aquanaut Adventure” gallery, visitors can explore aquatic life through hands-on activities. The experience will give visitors a better understanding of the environment in which aquatic creatures live and thrive.

Guests will have the opportunity to learn about careers in aquatic sciences, and they’ll have the chance to observe and touch the animals they’ll encounter in the aquarium’s galleries. Children can even engage in STEM-related activities that are not available anywhere else.


Cold Water Quest and SunTrust Pier 225 feature sea dragons and manta rays

The Atlanta Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world, by volume. Opened in 2005, the aquarium is home to over 100,000 marine animals. There are over 500 species to see, and each gallery is themed around a different region of the world.

The exhibits are divided by habitat, including the Polar Regions gallery, which features a frigid beluga whale tank. The African Penguin exhibit is particularly impressive, with 25 nesting areas.

Both Cold Water Quest and SunTrust Pier are great places to view these majestic creatures. Sea dragons and manta rays are among the more common sights in the two exhibits.

Both exhibits have educational videos and elevators for guests who may have difficulty climbing stairs.

For those with limited mobility, the aquarium also offers golf carts to help them get around.

In addition, they offer free wheelchairs at the front entry and wheelchair-accessible viewing areas. The Georgia Aquarium has a special touch pool for visitors in wheelchairs.


Oceans Ballroom is a 16,400 square foot event space and venue

The Atlanta Aquarium’s Oceans Ballroom is a versatile 23,000 square-foot venue for private events. With grand 20-foot ceilings, the ballroom can accommodate up to 1,500 guests. It is divided into three smaller ballrooms to suit your particular needs.

Guests are treated to glass viewings of white Beluga whales. The Ocean Voyager exhibit is also located in this venue, which makes it a perfect venue for a special event.

Guests will be impressed by the Georgia Aquarium’s beautiful architecture and dazzling displays of exotic animals.

The Georgia Aquarium is home to more than a million animals and 500 species, which are displayed in its four galleries.

The facility spans 12 acres of covered space. The ballroom, located on the fourth floor of the Aquarium, is a sixteen-thousand-square-foot space that can accommodate up to 1600 guests. The ballroom’s floor-to-ceiling windows allow guests to view the beluga whales and whale sharks as they swim past.


Georgia Aquarium Live Cam

The Georgia Aquarium is a popular tourist destination in Atlanta, Georgia, where you can see thousands of animals and hundreds of different species. There are seven major galleries and over 11 million gallons of saltwater and freshwater.

Visitors can watch live cams of jellyfish and sea otters, and get an up-close look at a new baby Beluga calf this spring.

The Georgia Aquarium opened in 2005, and in the last year, the facility has welcomed more than 18 million visitors. It has set a Guinness Book record for having the largest collection of aquatic species on display anywhere in the world.

A Georgia Aquarium live cam is a great way to pass the time on a rainy day. The video feed is high-quality and shows hundreds of different species of fish, sharks, and coral.

Visitors can enjoy an HD video feed of the live streams of different exhibits.

There is a beluga whale cam that captures the tranquility of this animal, while an Indo-Pacific Barrier Reef webcam shows the kaleidoscope of colour. And don’t miss the playful penguins and otters.


Safety measures implemented amid coronavirus pandemic

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Atlanta Aquarium temporarily closed its doors. The facility is taking steps to reduce the risk of the disease by redesigning its entrance and implementing social distancing rules.

Visiting the aquarium is like visiting the High Museum of Art: the risk of getting the virus is much higher, but the experience remains the same. Visitors are advised to wear face masks and to visit the aquarium during its designated times.

The Georgia Aquarium is reopening on June 13 for members and on June 15 for the general public. As part of the precautions, the organization has limited access and changed its cleaning and sanitization protocols.

Visitors are advised to visit the aquarium during certain hours and buy tickets in advance to avoid being turned away.

For the safety of the public, the Atlanta Aquarium offers pre-paid passes for the general public.


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