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Are Dogs Smarter Than Cats? 5 Things You Need to Know

Are Dogs Smarter Than Cats?


Scientists have tried to answer the question, “Are dogs smarter than cats?” by looking at their brains. They’ve found that dogs have more neurons in their cortexes than cats do, and they can understand human pointing, manipulate puzzles, and be better hunters.

Although dogs may vary in size, they share the same number of neurons. Here are the facts.

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Dogs have more neurons in their cortexes

According to a new study, dogs have 430 million neurons in their cortexes compared to just 250 million in cats’. This difference is so large that it suggests that dogs have a more complex brain than cats do. The study was published in Frontiers in Neuroanatomy and quickly became a hot topic on social media.

In addition to cats, other carnivores like bears and raccoons have roughly the same number of neurons in their cortexes as dogs do.

The study found that dogs have more neurons in their cortexes than their feline counterparts, giving them a higher IQ than cats.

Cats are cunning and full of curiosity, but dogs are more likely to respond to commands and follow instructions. This advantage also translates into greater ability for dogs to learn complex behavior. However, it remains unclear whether cats will ever match their canine companion.


Dogs understand human pointing

Did you know that dogs understand human pointing gestures? The study was conducted by biologist Noah Snyder-Mackler. Snyder-Mackler has studied the selection of dogs for behavior and genetics.

According to his findings, dogs understand pointing gestures with about 43% genetic variation. This suggests that dogs understand human pointing gestures better than human relatives. In this National Geographic video, a dog responds to a human pointing gesture.

The study found that dogs were able to recognize human pointing gestures better than any other animals.

When the pointer points with their arm, then lowers it, the dog continues to understand it. In fact, dogs were able to respond to advanced human communication skills because of their advanced sense of human gestures.

However, the study does not prove that human pointing gestures are more meaningful for dogs. This is only one of many ways in which humans are communicating with dogs.


They manipulate puzzles to release food

In order to make your dog happy, consider giving him a food puzzle. Whether he is a kibble or a raw diet fan, puzzle feeding is an effective way to increase his engagement with food.

To start, spread kibble on a newspaper or some other large surface. Then, place a tennis ball on top of the kibble. If your dog is an aggressive barker, puzzles may not be the best solution.

You can buy food puzzles at your local pet store or veterinary practice. Retrospective case studies have shown that these devices can help control obesity in pets.

While many pet owners rely on their local veterinarian for information on nutrition, food puzzles can be a great way to keep your dog engaged in mealtime. Try starting with a simple puzzle and gradually increasing the difficulty.

If your pet is not willing to try a new puzzle at first, the first few puzzles should be easier to manage.

They are better hunters

Cats and dogs are fierce rivals in the world of hunting. Both are efficient predators, but cats are better hunters than dogs.

According to an analysis of over 2,000 fossils, cats have also caused up to 40 dog species  become extinct in the region millions of years ago.. This is surprising, given that cats are the only animals that have not caused the extinction of a single cat species. So which is better? And why?

In spite of their sex, male and female dogs are equally capable of becoming coveted hunting dogs. It’s just that males are easier to train than females.

Nevertheless, males are not necessarily better hunters. The same holds true for females.

Despite the fact that females have a higher ability for hunting, both sexes can develop into prized hunting dogs. Whether a dog is a better hunter or a better dog is a matter of personal choice.


They are more impulsive

Unlike cats, dogs can be impulsive, and they often react to situations in an uncontrolled way. This trait has been associated with many negative traits and is often correlated with the rejection of dogs in working functions and relinquishing them by pet owners. But what is the true cause of impulsivity in dogs? Let’s explore the subject.

A common explanation is that cats have lower social IQ than dogs, while dogs have a higher cognitive quotient.

In a recent study, researchers examined the genetic differences in impulsivity between two breeds and their lines of descent. They also looked at the effects of selective pressures on impulsivity in dogs.

Working-line Border Collies were predicted to be more impulsive than their show-line counterparts, while the working-line Labrador Retrievers and the show lines were expected to be similar. However, the researchers found no significant differences between the working-line and the show-line dogs.






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