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Top 11 Animals with the Best Memory (Photos and Facts)

11 Animals with the Best Memory (Photos and Facts)


With so many things going on all at once, it’s no wonder that memory sometimes fails us. But some animals seem to have an amazing ability to remember things – even long after they’ve been forgotten by humans.

Here are 11 animals with incredible memories that will surprise and fascinate you!

From dolphins to elephants, these animals are known for their abilities to store information for long periods of time and recall it swiftly when needed. How do they do it? Read on to learn more!


Sea Animals with the best memory

Sea animals have long been known for their intelligence, but it was only recently that scientists discovered that some of them have extraordinary memories.

These memories help these animals survive and hunt prey effectively.

Some of the animals with the best memory include sea turtles and whales.

These reptiles and mammals are able to remember specific facts and incidents for long periods of time, making them some of the smartest creatures on earth.

This memory power also helps these animals to navigate their environment and hunt prey effectively.

Looking for an interesting animal to add to your list of pets? Then take a look at these 11 animals with the best memory!

These creatures can remember complex tasks and events for long periods of time, making them perfect for those who want a loyal friend.

From dolphins to elephants, these animals are sure to make your memories unforgettable.


Top 11 Animals with the Best Memory 



1. Dolphin


Dolphins are known for their long-term memory and navigational skills. They are able to remember the positions of objects in their environment for a prolonged period of time, which allows them to find food efficiently.

Additionally, dolphins use this memory to socialize with other dolphins and navigate through waters safely. As intelligence has been compared to that of humans, it is no wonder why these animals are so popular as pets!


2. Elephant

Elephant - Animals with the Best Memory 

Elephants are known for their impressive memory and long-term recall. They are able to remember specific items and faces for a very long time, even if they are not familiar with them. This is particularly useful when it comes to remembering where food is stored or who should be protected from danger.

Additionally, elephants have a deep sense of empathy which helps them cope with stressful situations effectively.


3. Whale


Whales are amazing creatures with an impressive memory. They can remember the positions of hundreds of different objects in their surroundings, allowing them to find food and stay safe in dangerous waters.

Whale songs are also used to communicate with other whales – a practice that is still not fully understood by researchers.


4. Octopus


Octopuses are intelligent creatures that have an impressive memory. Not only can they remember complex puzzles, but they can also differentiate between objects they’ve seen before and those that haven’t.

Their brains are considerably larger than those of other sea creatures, making them well-equipped for this incredible ability.


5. Chimpanzee


Chimpanzees have a memory that is second to none- they can remember events from the past with astounding accuracy. This allows them to solve problems and find food, both of which are essential for survival.

There are two types of chimpanzees – the Western chimpanzee, which lives in Africa and Southeast Asia, and the Eastern chimpanzee, which inhabits parts of Central Africa eastwards into Tanzania and north-western Zambia.

The Eastern chimpanzee has been found to have a better memory than the Western chimpanzee!


6. Horse

American Quarter Horse

Horses are excellent animals to have around if you want to improve your memory.

They are one of the few species that have been found to form long-term memories, due to their hippocampus – a part of the brain responsible for memory formation and storage.

Furthermore, horses are able to process information quickly and make decisions accordingly. This is why they’re used in many different fields such as racing, law enforcement, military service, etc.


7. Dog

German Shepherds

Dogs have an incredible memory – they can remember up to 60 different commands.

In fact, a study found that dogs could hold more information in their long-term memories than any other species! Their hippocampus, which is responsible for their memory and learning abilities, proves why they make such great pets.

Plus, training them using positive reinforcement methods is one of the best ways to develop a good relationship with them. If you’re looking for an intelligent friend who will always be there for you when you need him or her, get a dog!


8. Sea lion

Sea lion

Sea lions are amazing animals and their intelligence is unrivaled.

Sea lions are pinnipeds with external ear flaps, lengthy foreflippers, the ability to walk on all fours, short, coarse hair, and a large chest and abdomen. They, along with the fur seals, comprise the family Otariidae, the ear seals. Five genera contain six current and one extinct species of sea lions.

These mammals can remember the order of objects, pictures, sounds, and even family members from a distance! Their large brains allow them to store information for long periods of time which makes them truly unique.


9. Squirrel


Squirrels are amazing animals! They have an incredible memory, sense of smell and ability to communicate.

In fact, squirrels have been known to solve puzzles and problems faster than humans. Their large brains also give them an advantage when it comes to memory recall.

For example, they can remember the location of food items even if they’re not looking at them directly. This makes squirrels unique among mammals – their memories allow them to function as a team in complex societies.


10. Parrot


The parrot is one of the animals that make up the list of animals with an incredible memory.

It can remember where it has hidden food items, making it a perfect candidate for marketing campaigns. Other animals on this list include dolphins, elephant seals and whales.

Some of these creatures are able to store information in their brain for a long period of time- up to a year! This makes them perfect candidates for businesses who want to create awareness about their product or service and increase sales.


11. Crows


A crow is a member of the genus Corvus and, more generally, a synonym for the entire genus. Generally, crows are black in color.

Crows are usually associated with positive connotations such as metamorphosis, destiny, intelligence, boldness, mystery, adaptation, and a higher perspective, as well as negative connotations like as manipulation and mischief.

Crows are intelligent birds and their intelligence is second to none. They are able to remember specific items for over a year, learn new tasks quickly, and even understand human language! In short, crows make great pets or working animals.



Frequently Asked Questions



What animals have a better memory than humans?

Some animals that have a better memory capacity than humans include dolphins, elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, wolves and raccoons.

These animals are known for their ability to recall specific information like routes, landmarks, and any other information that has been taught to them.


What animals have a better memory than humans?

Some animals have a better memory than humans because they are able to recall events, smells, sounds and more.

Among these intelligent creatures are elephants, dolphins and crows. Other animals that boast exceptional memories include ravens, rodents (rat & mouse), bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) and whales (killer whales Orcinus orca).


Which animal has a good memory?

The elephant is one of the animals that has a great memory.

Elephants are able to remember an incredible amount of information, including images and sounds. They use their memories to help them navigate their surroundings, find food, and avoid danger.

Other animals with good memory skills include dolphins, orcas, chimpanzees and gorillas.


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