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7 Ways to Find a Good Dog Walker – Pets Guide

7 Ways to Find a Good Dog Walker


You’ve decided that you need a dog walker to walk your dog, but how do you know who to trust? Listed below are 7 ways to find a good dog walker. These methods are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Just remember that the more experience and basic understanding of your dog’s behavior the better. Having a few options in mind is always a good idea, so take advantage of them!

This article will discuss how to spot a good dog walker and how to communicate with your pooch. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help!

Test walk

Before hiring a dog walker, it is important to take your dog out for a test walk to see if the two of you get along. This test will let you know if your walker will be able to fulfill your dog’s daily needs and if you are comfortable with their personality.

After all, your dog will be your responsibility and it is important to take care of their needs to ensure their happiness.

When interviewing potential dog walkers, ask them if they would be willing to take your dog for a test walk. While they are most likely going to be on their best behavior during the test walk, it is still essential to find out if they are right for your dog.

While fast walkers may not be the best choice for slow-moving dogs, someone who stops to pay attention to your dog’s needs and walks slowly may be the right fit.


To avoid any misunderstandings, make sure to do a Meet-and-greet with ten to twenty different dog walkers before choosing one. Before your Meet-and-greet, gather the information needed to get started.

Include a few facts about your dog’s personality, walk preferences, and socialization. A good dog walker should have printed out forms for your review.

Find a Good Dog Walker

During the Meet-and-greet, be sure to introduce yourself and your dog to each other and discuss your expectations for the walk.

Try to set the tone by talking about your own pets and other pets. Find out what their special skills are, where they live, and why they love dogs. This is a great way to gauge the fit of the walker and the dog.

Basic understanding of dog behavior

A basic knowledge of dog behavior is essential to finding a reliable and trustworthy dog walker. Dogs exhibit various behaviors that can be hard to read if you don’t have enough knowledge about them.

A good dog walker should be well-educated and trained in canine learning theory, body language, and pack management.

A dog walker should know how to manage a group of dogs without creating a fight. He or she should also be knowledgeable about how to read body language and judge the compatibility of two dogs. Knowledge of dog behavior is critical to hiring a reliable dog walker.


An experienced dog walker is more likely to know how to handle different types of situations that may arise while walking a dog. This experience can make all the difference when an emergency situation arises.

A dog walker will be more likely to be able to calm your dog down and deal with the situation effectively.

A dog walker will also be more likely to have the knowledge of how to properly deal with medical situations, such as when it’s time to give medication.

A dog walker typically visits the homes of clients and takes their dogs out for a daily walk. This type of work requires self-starters who have experience with animals. They are responsible for picking up dog poop, taking dogs for walks, and checking for basic needs after each walk.

If a dog is sick or injured, they will inform their owners so they can seek immediate care. Experienced dog walkers are generally trustworthy, dependable, and love animals.


Finding a reliable dog walker is a simple process, but there are a few things you should look for. A dog walker should be licensed and insured, and should be able to provide you with a written policy before starting work.

The service should also be certified in pet first aid and carry a cell phone with their contact details programmed. This is especially important if your dog needs medical attention while they’re walking.

A reliable dog walker will be able to provide a detailed description of the time they spend exercising your dog, including how long it takes to get there and how they plan to get back.

A reputable company will also guarantee that they will only walk your dog for a certain amount of time, not including time spent in transit. It’s also a good idea to ask the service provider if they have any special equipment to keep your dog entertained during the walk, including leashes, crate, and water bowls.



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