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Why Cat Sneezing a Lot + Causes, Treatments – 5 Things to know

Treatments For Cat Sneezing a Lot

If your cat sneezes a lot, you might be wondering what might be causing it. Here are some symptoms, causes, treatments, and tests to determine the exact cause of the ailment.

If you suspect a respiratory condition, sneezing often is a sign of pneumonia. It may also be a sign of chronic vomiting.

It is important to note that sneezing cats often have a putrid smell and the discharge may look similar to cat vomit.


If your cat is sneezing a lot, the first thing to do is to get a diagnosis from your vet. Respiratory problems are common in cats, and the symptoms are similar to the common cold in humans.

Your cat might start sneezing early, have a runny nose and make a crackling noise when they breathe.

If your cat is coughing up blood and pawing at his or her mouth and nose, it is likely suffering from an upper respiratory infection.

Other common causes of cat sneezing include feline upper respiratory tract infections.

Other symptoms of this condition include goopy, blood-tinged snot, watery eyes, and congested sounds. Cats with these symptoms often have trouble holding their eyes open.

These infections affect the nose, eyes, mouth, larynx, and throat. If your cat is sneezing a lot, your veterinarian may suspect a bacterial infection. Your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection.


Some cats sneeze frequently, but there are many possible causes of the problem. Most common is chronic rhinitis, which is a permanent condition caused by damage to the cat’s immune system.

Cats with chronic rhinitis frequently sneeze, and their episodes can last weeks or even months. Other causes include dust, smoke, and chemical sprays.

Nasal infections, dental problems, and viral infections can also cause your cat to sneeze. While it is rare for cats to be allergic to pollen, they are susceptible to infection by fungi.

Intranasal vaccines may cause your cat to sneeze, but this usually only lasts a few days. Luckily, it usually goes away on its own and does not require treatment.

Another potential cause of cat sneezing is inflammation. A cat with inflammation sneezes a lot is likely suffering from the cat flu. An infection may be the underlying cause.

A veterinarian can help you determine the cause of your cat’s sneezing and treat it accordingly.

If the sneezing is frequent and persistent, you should take your cat to a vet immediately.


Treatments For Cat Sneezing a Lot

During the initial physical exam, your veterinarian should check your cat for symptoms and possible causes of sneezing a lot. Your veterinarian will also take a look at your cat’s nose, eyes, ears, throat and heart to make sure the problem isn’t more serious.

A veterinarian can prescribe medication and determine the best course of treatment. Listed below are some treatments for cat sneezing.

Steam therapy can be beneficial for your cat’s respiratory system and help to reduce sneezing. Antihistamines may also be necessary if your cat has allergies. Your vet can prescribe an appropriate antihistamine for your cat or an inhaler.

Always consult a vet before administering human medications to your pet. If you suspect your cat of having an allergy, avoid leaving your cat outdoors during the symptoms.


Tests to determine Why your cat is sneezing

A physical exam can provide clues to why your cat is sneezing so much. In severe cases, your veterinarian may also take an X-ray or computerized tomography scan to look for any underlying causes.

These tests are done under general anaesthesia in emergency departments, but a dental check should be part of your initial visit.

In addition to x-rays, your veterinarian may also do an ultrasound to evaluate your cat’s lungs and heart.

Other causes for a cat’s sneezing may include irritation of the nasal passages and airways. Certain activities or scents can also cause a cat to sneeze.

Your cat may also be sensitive to irritants in the environment, including disinfectants, perfume, and the litter box. It may also be suffering from a respiratory infection.


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