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15 Tips to Make Bath Time Less Stressful for Dogs [+ Things to Avoid]

15 Tips to Make Bath Time Less Stressful for Dogs


A few tips to make bath time less stressful for your dog can make it more enjoyable for you and your canine companion.

First, try to avoid pouring or spraying water directly into your dog’s face. Second, provide a calming treat and third, use a towel.

Your dog is more likely to relax when it has a little playtime. You can also play a game with your dog during bath time.

1. Avoiding spraying or pouring water on your dog’s face

There are many ways to avoid pouring or spraying water on your dog’s face during the bathing process.

You can make bath time more enjoyable for your dog by providing treats, praise, and playtime.

Always avoid yelling or physically restrainting your dog during the bathing process. If your dog does not seem happy with the water, you may want to consider a slow treater.

While bathing your dog should be fun for you, your dog will most likely be stressed and anxious. A soft, non-slip surface is essential.

Older dogs are more likely to experience slippage during bath time, which can be a serious hazard. Providing a firm foundation for your dog will make bath time safer for you both. Water and shampoo can also be irritating to sensitive dog parts.

Pouring water or spraying shampoo into your dog’s ears can cause irritation and decrease interest in bath time.

2. Using a non-slip silicone mat

If you want to make bath time easier on your dog, you should consider using a non-slip silicone mat. Non-slip mats are great for baths that are difficult to clean, and they can also be a fun addition to your dog’s bed.

These mats are made of food-grade silicone and have suction cups that will hold them in place.

Dogs like to chew on these mats, and you’ll find that they have a good time exploring the mat while you’re cleaning.

If you’re worried about the slick mat being a choking hazard, you can always try a different one, such as a dog bed, or even a dog bed.

While this solution can help make bath time easier for your dog, you may not want to give up on the idea of having your dog in the bathtub with you.

While it can be tempting to offer your dog some mashed berries or pumpkin puree to lick, it won’t help your dog feel comfortable taking a bath without you.

Regardless of whether or not your dog likes the bath, he’ll be less likely to be stressed if he’s having fun and doesn’t get wet.

In fact, some non-slip silicone mats come in more than 20 different colors, including soothing sky blue.

3. Using a calming treat

You can make bath time for your dog less stressful by providing a calming treat. A peanut butter treat can be a great distraction, but you can also use regular dog treats, such as cheese, peanut butter, or yogurt. Even a floaty toy can be a great distraction.

4. Exercises before bathing your dog

Exercising your dog will also be calming to them, as exercise burns off excess energy.

A calming treat can be used to reward your dog for good behavior. Dogs learn by reward, so by offering a calming treat during bath time, your dog will associate bath time with good behaviour.

It will also make bath time less stressful for them if you’re nearby to give them some extra attention if they need it. You can also distract them with a calming treat before the bath.

5. Using a towel

To make bath time less stressful for dogs, start by introducing your dog to the bathtub without water. Use treats to encourage your pet to get into the tub, and be sure to turn the water off afterward.

Repeat this procedure several times a day, and your dog will eventually associate bath time with tasty treats!

Here are other tips for bath time that will help make it less stressful for both you and your dog.

Having multiple towels available for your dog is crucial. One towel is not enough; two or three is better. One is not only a barrier against splashes, it also helps your dog relax.

Keeping several towels on hand will minimize shivering and help your pet to dry off quickly. If your dog doesn’t tolerate the water, try using a washbasin or a smaller tub.

STEP 1 – Prepare and put everything in place

Gather up everything you’ll need to wash your dog so you can get started. You will require at least two towels for drying, as well as an additional towel to place in the bottom of the tub to prevent your dog from slipping, dog shampoo, and a bowl for washing the shampoo out of your dog’s fur.

STEP 2 – Brush your dog

Before you go into the bathroom, you should brush the fur off of your dog. The first order of business is to untangle and smooth up his fur.

STEP 3 – Cut mats

Before bathing your dog, make sure to use scissors to remove any mats that he may have.

STEP 4 – Protection for dog ears 

You may prevent water from entering the ear canal of your dog by inserting a cotton ball into each of its ears.

STEP 5 – Keep Towel for the bathtub

Put a towel down in the bottom of the bathtub so that the dog won’t be able to slide about on the floor of the tub.

STEP 6 – Heat and Comfort

Before you let your dog into the bathroom, make sure that the water in the bathtub is nice and toasty. Only up to the halfway mark should the tub be filled. A dog of a smaller breed will use less water than a larger one.

STEP 7 – Wash your dog

Place your dog inside the bathtub, then use a bowl of water to drench him. Make sure that his fur is soaked through and ready to be washed from head to tail.

To clean your dog thoroughly, apply dog shampoo all over his body and work it into the fur all the way down to the skin.

STEP 8 – Wipe dog Face

You can use a washcloth or your bare hands to wipe your dog’s face. Take extra precautions to avoid getting soap in his eyes.

STEP 9 – Rinse your dog after shampoo 

In addition, make sure to rinse your dog thoroughly from head to tail. Make sure that the soap is thoroughly rinsed off of all of the surfaces.

Do not give the dog the water from the bath to drink; rather, use clean water or water from the faucet.

STEP 10 – Dry your dog

When you are through rinsing, your dog will most likely want to shake off any excess water they have accumulated.

You can cover yourself with a towel by holding it over your head, or you can drape one over your dog so that it can absorb up the water before he starts shaking.

After you have removed the excess water from the fur, you should dry him with a second towel.

After he has exited the bathtub, you can also use the blow dryer to dry him off. If you decide to insert cotton balls into his ear, you must remember to take them out afterwards.

STEP 11  –  Give Cuddles

Don’t forget to give your dog some much-deserved hugs and kisses after he’s been groomed and given a bath.




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