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6 Benefits of Using Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

6 Benefits of Using Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder

Many pet owners find it hard to keep up with their pet’s feeding habits. Whether it’s a cat or dog, a routine is essential.

A predictable feeding plan helps your pet develop trust and tightens your bond. It also helps to prevent undesirable behavior like foraging for snacks in the wrong places.

Do you want to maintain healthy pet feeding habits amidst a busy schedule? Consider using gadgets like the Petlibro Automatic Pet Feeder.

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This guide focuses on how you and your pet stand to gain. But first, some information about the gadget and how it works.


What is it?

The Petlibro automatic pet feeder is just as the name implies – a pet feeder that allows your pet to have a snack or full meal without requiring someone to be by its side.

Petlibro has 14 different types of automatic pet feeders. The majority (10) have to be programmed. However, four types are WiFi-enabled – they can connect to your WiFi and allow you to dispense pet food remotely through an app.

The design

Petlibro’s automatic pet feeder has a super-simple design that is easy to operate and allows effortless loading and cleaning. It comprises two parts: a large feeding unit and a removable bowl.

The feeding unit is easy to detach and return whenever you need a refill. It is light (weighs about five pounds when empty) and is easy for anyone to lift and move around.


The benefits of using Petlibro’s automatic pet feeder


It’s easy to operate

On the front side of the feeder, you will see a few basic controls and a voice record button. There is also a reset and a large, manual-feed button. The WiFi-enabled versions can connect to WiFi and allow you to dispense kibble through an app.

Your pets won’t associate you with food anymore

Spending time feeding your pet in person is an excellent way to bond. But it has a downside. Your fur baby will associate you with food. Anytime they are hungry, they will come barking or meowing.

Although this may not bother you, it could be uncomfortable at times. For example, when the puppy or cat comes calling in the wee hours of the morning.

Petlibros automatic pet feeders allow you to feed your pet without being present at feeding time. This way, your pets don’t associate you with food. Instead, the connection is with the feeder.

You can schedule multiple meals

Now that you don’t have to be present during your pet’s feeding time, the next question must be, how often do you have to refill it? Fortunately, not many times.

The food hopper can carry four liters, which we think is overgenerous. It can hold enough kibble to last 25 days for a 10-pound cat and ten days for a 22-pound dog. The quantity of each meal (thus, duration) will vary depending on your pet’s size.

Unless you have a large-breed dog, the Petlibro automatic pet feeder gives you peace of mind. It frees you to sleep in, go for weekend outings, or even short vacations without worrying about feeding your pet.

You can feed multiple pets using one machine

One of the standout features of a Petlibro automatic pet feeder is you can feed two animals simultaneously. It has a 2-pet splitter feature – a simple attachment nozzle to separate dispensed food and direct it through different chutes.

For this to work, you will also need two separate dishes. The splitter allows you to feed the same type and equal amounts of kibble to two pets. So, if you have twin dogs or cats, you still have a way to maintain peace during meal times.

You are still in charge

The voice recorder feature allows you to record up to 10 messages and plan when to play. That means you can record yourself calling your pet and schedule it to play at meal time. You can also record reassuring voice messages. Besides this, you are still in charge of determining the amount of pet food released and meal times.

It saves you the hassle of manual feeders where you have to spend time subdividing pet food into smaller portions and helps you save precious time. You are also in control of kibble intake. Thus, you can avoid weight-related complications and habits like negative food associations.

It is economical and safe

The Petlibro automatic feeder has several replaceable parts that are available for sale. You can replace parts like the drop-in bowl and desiccant packet. Besides, the bowl is made from stainless steel. It is easy to clean, and it doesn’t harbor bacteria. Thus, it is economical and safe.

A final word on the Petlibro automatic pet feeder

Many respectable pet experts have reviewed Petlibro’s products like the automatic cat feeder and given it a thumbs up.

The best benefit of using the Petlibro automatic pet feeder is that it will improve your relationship with your pet.

Your pet will learn to love you not because you are a means for survival (food provider), but because you bond in different ways like play and exercise. Also, by helping you maintain a predictable feeding routine, you can nurture good habits and excellent health.


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