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9 Positives Of Having An Emotional Support Animal

9 Positives Of Having An Emotional Support Animal


Numerous studies have shown that having a pet enhances one’s quality of life. Both companion animals—dogs for company, cats for stress relief—can improve general health and wellbeing. Emotional support animals (ESA) are another matter, though.

They provide all the advantages of having a pet in addition to other privileges including legal immunity from housing discrimination and admission to public areas.

We are all aware of the numerous psychological advantages that ESAs offer, but what are the particular advantages of having an ESA?

This blog article will provide you with some compelling arguments for getting an emotional support animal.

ESAs can significantly improve your life, from lowering stress levels to elevating your mood.


1. Offers Love And Companionship 

The camaraderie provided by an ESA is unparalleled. They will provide you with the affection and companionship you sorely lack if you live alone.

An ESA can provide a different kind of companionship than humans in your life, even if you share a home with them. They never pass judgment on you and are always there for you.

Your ESA will be there for you – without any hesitation – if you need someone to chat to at three in the morning.

Additionally, they can aid in lessening feelings of isolation and loneliness. Furthermore, they won’t abandon you or relocate, unlike other people.

Furthermore, the service dog emotional support is specially trained to provide assistance and can perform tasks such as retrieving things, opening doors, providing stability when walking, and much more. They are a fantastic addition to any family.


2. Reduces Anxiety And Stress 

Showing you're stressed may make you more likeable

An ESA can be quite helpful if you experience anxiety or stress. Numerous studies have demonstrated that engaging with animals may reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and produce the soothing hormone oxytocin in the brain.

You can feel calmer and less stressed by simply caressing your ESA for a few minutes. With an ESA by your side, you’ll never experience loneliness or worry again.

The need for stress management techniques is more than ever in the fast-paced world of today. The ESA is more than capable of giving that to us.


3. Promotes Social Interaction And Reduces Loneliness 

Living alone might make it simple to feel alone and isolated. By offering company and someone with whom to regularly connect, having an ESA can help lessen unpleasant emotions.

According to studies, pet owners tend to be more outgoing than non-owners.

Additionally, they are more inclined to start up talks with strangers, which helps lessen feelings of isolation and loneliness. Even when we’re not in the mood to go out and socialize ourselves, pets may provide us with the social connection we need.


4. Encourages Exercise And Improves Physical Health 

Encouraging active living with our families — Part 1 - MSU Extension

Having an ESA also encourages us to get up and move about, which is a tremendous advantage.

A pet can provide us with the perfect cause to get outdoors and move if we don’t feel inspired to do so on a regular basis. And, as we are all aware, exercise has several positive effects on our physical health, such as lowering the risk of diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more.

Additionally, studies have shown that people who keep dogs have much lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels than people who don’t (indicators of heart disease).


5. Boosts Happiness And Overall Satisfaction With Life

Having an emotional support animal can enhance our mental health in addition to our physical health.

Numerous studies have demonstrated how spending time with dogs may lower stress and anxiety levels while also boosting emotions of pleasure and life satisfaction.

Therefore, spending time with your ESA can undoubtedly improve your mood if you’re feeling depressed or anxious.

Additionally, it has been demonstrated that owning an emotional support animal enhances social abilities and lessens loneliness, making them excellent companions for those who live alone.


5. Fosters A Sense Of Responsibility And Self-Discipline 

3 Ways Self-Discipline Is the Key to Unlocking God's Will

An emotional support animal has to be cared for, which calls for some responsibility and self-control. Regularly feeding, exercising, grooming, and walking pets helps establish these values in pet owners beginning at a young age.

These traits can be useful at home and at work as we become older and assume greater responsibility. Even people with ADD or ADHD have reported that these animals help them focus and remain on target more effectively.


6. They Can Keep You Safe By Providing A Sense Of Security 

There are several instances where an ESA has really saved the life of its owner. They have acted as devoted guardians and vigilant protectors, giving individuals who are alone or vulnerable a sense of security.

Many elderly persons who live alone attribute their willingness to stay in their homes rather than transfer to a retirement community or nursing home to their animal friends. provide protection and security, particularly to people who live alone.


7. They Can Help You recover From a Traumatic Event

How to Cope with Traumatic Events -

Emotional support animals can aid in your recovery after a traumatic incident, regardless of whether you have been the victim of a crime, a natural catastrophe, or have served in the military.

For someone dealing with PTSD, anxiety, or despair, the company and unconditional affection they provide may be priceless.

People who have experienced trauma frequently feel alienated and alone, but an emotional support animal may offer them the company and assistance they need to recover.

Additionally, studies have indicated that patients with emotional support animals are more likely to adhere to their treatment plan and see symptom improvements.


8. They Can Increase Your Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

Having an emotional support animal might be beneficial if you have poor self-esteem or confidence. You can feel more deserving and have a greater feeling of purpose just by taking care of another living being and being accountable for its welfare.

Additionally, the company they provide might give you the much-needed boost you need when you’re not feeling too well about yourself.

Additionally, it is simple to develop a strong attachment with an emotional support animal, which may raise your self-esteem even higher.



The aforementioned benefits are only a few of the many advantages of owning an emotional support animal. If you believe that an ESA would be beneficial for you, make sure to explore it and consult with a specialist to see whether it is the best option.

Before making the commitment, keep in mind that these animals offer companionship and emotional support, so you must be sure you can adequately care for them.



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