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4 Essential Tips for New Dog Owners

4 Essential Tips for New Dog Owners


Each year, two million dogs find their forever homes after spending time in one of America’s many shelters. That means, today alone, over 5,000 new dog owners will be welcoming a new furry friend into their home!


Will you be one of them?

If so, it’s not too late to get ready for life with your new pal. Owning a dog or puppy involves making a few significant lifestyle changes. First time dog owners may be unsure where to start when it’s time to prepare for their canine friend’s arrival.

Below, we’ve included our four tips for new puppy owners. Continue reading to learn the steps you should take to prepare for your big, furry adventure!


1. Enroll in a Training Class

If you’re bringing home a puppy, don’t forget that you’re bringing home a brand-new baby. They are seeing and interacting with the world for the first time. While they’re eager to please, you need to put in some work if you’d like to train your dog correctly.

In most cases, training is a matter of safety, not frivolity. When your dog steadfastly listens to your commands, you’ll know they’ll come (or stay put) in dangerous situations.

Some breeds can even benefit from attack and bite training—not to teach them violence, but so owners can immediately call them off in the event of an incident.

Many pet stores offer “puppy kindergarten” classes. Look into a local dog training program and secure your spot early. It’s part of being a responsible dog owner.


2. Secure an Appropriate Crate

If you plan on crate training your dog, it’s wise to begin the process early. Though crates look like cages, they’re merely a secure space where your dog can relax and spend the night. Think of it like giving a child their own bedroom!

Secure the appropriate crate before your new friend arrives so you can begin as soon as they’re ready.


3. Do Your Research

If you were bringing a human guest into your home, wouldn’t you want to know something about them? Likewise, researching your dog’s breed characteristics can help you prepare for the challenges of owning a puppy.

Browse online social media groups and see what toys and activities similar dogs enjoy so you can have them ready when it’s time to work out some energy!


4. Decide on the Rules

If you cohabitate, be sure to discuss any house rules regarding your new pup. For example, will you allow the dog to go on the bed or sofa? Will one person be responsible for feeding, another for walking or shopping?

If you make the expectations clear from the beginning, everyone will be on the same page. Consistency is critical, especially with a sweet new puppy involved!


Great New Dog Owners Do These Four Things

Responsible new dog owners want to do right by their fluffy best friend. You can pave the way to a happy, healthy life with a little bit of planning and preparation.

The four tips above will put you and your buddy on the right track and ensure you enjoy every moment together from the puppy days onward.

You have many extraordinary adventures to look forward to with your new friend! The blog is full of posts that can help you find the gear, tips, and ideas you need to seize life with your dog. Keep scrolling for more posts like this one.


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