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The Cavoodle or Cavapoo and Why You Should Get One? 

The Cavoodle or Cavapoo and Why You Should Get One? 


One of the toughest decisions you will have to make when adopting a puppy is choosing the perfect breed for you and your lifestyle.

Luckily, numerous breeds make exceptional household pets. Among these is the Cavoodle, a crossbreed between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. 

Also known as the Cavapoo, the Cavoodle was first bred in the late 1990s in Australia. Breeders wanted to mix the outgoing nature of the Cavalier with the intelligence of the Poodle and create a crossbreed that is low-shedding and hypoallergenic.

Today, the Cavoodle is one of the country’s most popular dogs. Find out why many love this adorable designer breed.


#1 It has an excellent temperament

The Cavoodle inherits the best traits of its parents: it gets its love for people from the Cavalier and its sense of loyalty from the Poodle. It is gentle and affectionate, making it an ideal companion for first-time dog owners, singles, families, and seniors.

This crossbreed thrives on human companionship, which is why it is well suited to an active household.

It immediately thinks of itself as one of the family and may even follow its owner around like a shadow. It enjoys spending time with its owner and is always available to cuddle or play. It also loves to participate in day-to-day activities, inside and outside the home.


#2 It makes a great family pet

 The Cavoodle gets along easily with all age groups because of its fun-loving and lively nature. It is friendly towards almost everyone it meets, making it an exceptional family dog. It is tolerant of children and does well with other dogs and household pets, especially when properly socialised as a puppy.


#3 It is adaptable

The Cavoodle adjusts easily to any living environment, whether in the city or country. It will thrive in both a tiny apartment and a large house, with or without a yard, as long as it gets its required amount of exercise daily.

 Because it is directly related to the laid-back Cavalier, the Cavoodle will be happy spending the day with its owner on the couch. And because it is also directly related to the energetic Poodle, it will be just as happy spending the day walking with its owner around the block.

The Cavoodle also adapts well to new surroundings, making it a stress-free companion on family holidays.


#4 It is easy to train

 The Cavoodle craves validation, which is why it always makes sure to please its owner. This need to please, plus its innate intelligence, are the reasons why this crossbreed is a pleasure to train.

It learns basic commands and new tricks fairly easily. It responds to training positively, so it does not need to be forced. Verbal encouragement, a routine, and treats are the keys to making this dog obey. Sessions should be kept short and fun.


#5 It does not shed a lot

 While a Cavalier sheds, a Poodle does not, making the Cavoodle a low-shedding dog. It tends to have soft fur that is hypoallergenic, so it is a good choice for canine lovers who suffer from allergies.

Because it sheds a very small amount of fur, if at all, the Cavoodle does not require a great deal of care. Regular combing and brushing at home are enough to free its fur from tangles and knots. Professional fur grooming can be done once every six weeks.


#6 It is cute

Since Cavoodles are a mixed breed, their appearance varies. However, they do have similar physical characteristics. The most distinguished one is their coat. This crossbreed has a luxurious coat that may either be curly or feathered in texture.

Coat colours can range from gold, black, tan, white, brown, apricot, or tricolour – with or without markings.

The Cavoodle generally has a round and compact face. It has large eyes, floppy ears, a medium-length muzzle, over-extended jaws, and an elongated neck. Its body is shorter in height than average, and its tail is long and often hangs past the hocks.

 This crossbreed comes in a range of sizes but is typically small to medium. It all depends on the Poodle used during crossbreeding – Miniature or Toy.



Now that you know why this crossbreed is a household favourite, it no longer comes as a surprise why you can find sales for Cavoodles all around.

If you are finally decided on adopting one, it is recommended that you adopt from a reputable breeder so that you end up bringing home a dog that is healthy and happy.



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