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Are Pets Allowed in Hotels? 3 Things to know (Ultimate Guide)

Are Pets Allowed in Hotels?

Are pets allowed in hotels? Several hotels have started to allow pets in their rooms.

Some have even increased cleaning frequencies, promoting social distancing and more frequent cleaning.

Some hotels even sanitize room keys using ultraviolet light technology.

These are just a few of the things hotels have done to allow guests to bring their pets with them. You can find out for yourself by reading this article! It’s likely that you’ll find the answers to your questions!

Pets are family

Pets are now a common sight on hotel rooms, even in the poshest places. With an increasing number of pet owners, hotels have embraced the need to make travel convenient for their furry friends.

Luxury hotel chains like Loews and Kimpton have long welcomed dogs and cats into their properties.

These companies, as well as independent properties, are now beginning to roll out complete pet-friendly policies and encourage travelers to bring their pets on vacation.

While a pet-friendly hotel might not be right for everyone, many will allow them, if they are kept in the room with the owners.

The only downside is that some housekeepers will not clean rooms with pets, so be sure to take your pet for a walk or two while your room is being cleaned.

If you do opt for a hotel that accepts pets, let the staff know ahead of time what kind of pet you have, so they can accommodate your needs.

Make sure you also let the hotel staff know if your pet has a favorite food or drink, and if not, they can help you with that.

However, keep in mind that not all hotel rooms will welcome pets, and some may charge you an exorbitant fee for this.

They can be left alone in hotel rooms

When booking a hotel room with a pet, you will be surprised to find out how many places allow dogs. Some pet-friendly hotels have designated rooms for dogs and cats.

Other places do not allow pets at all.

Make sure to ask the hotel for a quiet room for your pet.

Some pet-friendly hotels have wooden floors, which can mean noise from those above. If you’re traveling with a large dog or cat, you might have to pay an additional fee for your pet.

The first step is to contact the hotel’s management office to find out what their policy is regarding animals and their stay in hotel rooms.

Many hotels limit the amount of time a pet can stay alone in a room. This can be difficult for a dog or cat who is accustomed to their own bed.

If you have to leave your pet alone, it’s best to leave it in a room that it has already gotten used to. Otherwise, it may jump on the bed and ruin your bedding.

In some cases, hotel chains will allow you to leave your pet in a room, as long as it is in a carrier or crate.

Some pet-friendly hotels even allow owners to bring their pet’s favorite chew toy with them. Just make sure to pack a crate or carrier that can fit the pet’s carrier. It’s also wise to bring potty bags for your pet.

Lastly, it’s wise to follow any policies imposed by the hotel. Many hotels now have closed-circuit cameras that record video.

These cameras may help make you feel safer, but if you have any doubts, ask the hotel staff what rules they enforce.

You might want to ask them if they allow pets in their rooms. Having a closed-circuit camera will help you feel better at peace of mind. After all, bad things do happen to the nicest people, but your pet isn’t a nice person!

They can be charged an additional fee

Traveling with a pet is easier than ever, but hotel pet policies vary considerably. While the trend is moving towards pet-free stays, the fees for bringing your dog to a hotel can still be substantial.

In addition to the pet-fee, hotels may also charge additional fees for damages and cleaning the pet’s mess, which can amount to up to $250 per night.

Some hotels offer tips for minimizing the costs, but you should always check with the hotel directly before bringing your pet.

Most hotels have policies regarding the number of pets they allow per room. Many have an “all-pet” policy, but a “per pet” fee will likely apply if more than one pet is being accommodated in a room.

Some may require a pet owner to sign a waiver assuming additional costs, damage, or cleaning, or have to pay for extra services for their pets.

While this can be a major inconvenience, hotels are increasingly capitalizing on the fact that so many travelers bring their pets, and are charging a pet fee to accommodate the additional furry guests.

If your animal is a service animal, however, it should be treated as one. As long as the animal does not leave dander or hair behind, you should be fine. But if your pet gets into the hotel’s kitchen, the hotel may charge you an additional fee for cleaning.

Otherwise, service animals are often not allowed in hotels. If you have an emotional support animal, you should ask the hotel to provide a letter stating its medical status.

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